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Much excitement!


That would be a fun fight

Hope it becomes official.

This fight would FTON for sure Phone Post 3.0

Tough fight for Khabib. 

Google Translated Article:

Unofficially! Habib Nurmagomedov fight with Gilbert Melendez at UFC 170

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According to our source , the best Russian fighter Habib Nurmagomedov hold his next at UFC 170 , which will be held February 22, 2014 in Las Vegas . While this information is informal and left to settle only the date of the match as both fighters are willing to meet with each other. According edition of our website , the deal is almost complete and the probability that everything will be exactly equal to 95%. Habib Nurmagomedov ( 21-0 ) is the best current Russian fighter and ranked 7th in the ranking lightweights UFC. In his last fight the Russians won a landslide victory in the UFC over Pat Healy , who at the time of the battle took place in the ranking of 10 lung division. Just spent 5 Nurmagomedov UFC fights and defeated Kamal Sharlousom , Gleysonom Tibau , Thiago Tavares , Abel Trujillo and Pat Healy. Russian is one of the best fighters of his division, has a strong jaw and strong mentally. According to tradition, the final part will Nurmagomedov training in American Kickboxing Academy, where he had excellent relations with other fighters . Gilbert Melendez ( 22-3 ), one of the most dangerous fighters light weight and has already managed to fight for the title of UFC, where he lost a controversial decision to Benson Henderson . Mexican champion was dominant promotion Strikeforce lightweight champion . Melendez holds wins over such famous fighters as Josh Thomson, Shinya Aoki , Tatsuya Kawajiri , Jorge Masvidal and Diego Sanchez . In his last fight , Melendez fought against other Mexican Diego Sanchez fight and became one of the best in the history of the promotion , and will qualify for the " Fight of the Year " in 2013. Melendez is a fighter without weaknesses and for the Russians , according to many , is the most difficult style fighter throughout lightweight.

Nice to hear Russian media speaks highly of Gil's game.

Lol I feel like this fight has been talked about basically since immediately after the Sanchez fight. They need to just make it official already Phone Post 3.0

If true, talk about being tossed in the deep end. While I understand there's limited room on the roster and people need to prove themselves, a lot of prospects seem to be getting the rough road instead of time to develop. Great to see for the one's that make it through, but I wonder if it's going to end up stunting some guys that could use some more time to develop.

melendez-khabib it is true! we dont know about date.. it will be on UFC 170 or 171 .. but they talk about 22 february! Fight deal done 100%

MexiCain AmeriCain - Hope it becomes official.

This fight would FTON for sure Phone Post 3.0
Fight The Of Night for sure.
Hope it's true. Phone Post 3.0

John M - 

Tough fight for Khabib. 

Tough fight for Melendez.

Exciting matchup, really looking forward to it! Phone Post 3.0

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John M - 

Tough fight for Khabib. 

Tough fight for Melendez.

Easy win for Melendez, keeps it on the feet and easily outstrikes Khabib. Watch Tibau fight for reference

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Damn, Khabib and Gil are among my favs at 155..Im going with Khabib in an upset but hopefully, regardless of the outcome, both have a strong showing.

Love both guys, but I think Khabib takes this one.