not quite sure how this works...

Ok, so this past weekend I stopped by the new MMA school in town. We happened to be driving by it and saw someone outside, so we decided to pay a friendly "welcome to the neighborhood" visit. As we pull up, we realize that it is the owner/instructor standing out side. Then we discover why he's standing outside---he's smoking. During the time when, if he actually had any students, classes would have been going on.

What I don't get is how this man can tell the fighters that he claims to train to be healthy from outside the building in a haze of blue smoke. I would look at him and laugh. Then I would refuse to roll with him---I'm sure he could make me tap from his breath alone, all he'd have to do was breathe in my face. ew.

Has anyone else ever seen or been exposed to other trainers that smoke? For the sake of the sport that I love, I hope that fine gem of an instructor is one of the very few, if not the only. Tool.

Funny.....guess some boys sitting around the bar one night watching the UFC, etc. said "hey, you can teach this stuff...."   We have enough problems with our guys washing gis regularly; couldn't imagine rolling with someone who smelled like smoke - tapout immediately and move on.  I would hope this fool doesn't "smoke pole" because it would make things even worse. :)