Not Quitting Martial Arts

My BJJ coach came by my house today, beat me up and told me to stop this acting career foolishness and get back to class or he'd be back.

He hit me in the face damn it! THE FACE!

I'd post more but I have to go to class now.

I could have been an Oscar winner damn it! OSCAR WINNER!

Kiss me on my Oscar.

And welcome back. You have been missed?

You coulda had class. You coulda been a contender. You coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what you are :)

I was going to invite you all to my Oscar winning party, but it will never happen...

I hope the bruising goes down...

...and I just got my S.A.G. card too...

Hoollywood will feel this loss. YOU KNOW they will!

I could have been a model for a milk ad campaign though.

Not like Frank Trigg though...I'm talking dairy farmers.

Bwah ha ha ha!

Oh man, he's going to kill me for that...

Well, I guess my first movie I was producing will never be released now. What a loss.

It was a zombie movie. You know, zombies attacking the living and trying to eat them. A classic low budget remake of the original.

Here's a pic from the scene where they're trapped in the house.


I guess it's back to martial arts for me.

puts away film footage into Al Capone's vault

Hollywood doesn't need another Clooney :p

Damn you GeeRoxx! I bet it was you who sent Fateh after me so I'd have to fight you in our end-of-times-mma-battle wasn't it?


I know...I wish I had a life. Acting was my last shot at I am doomed to do martial arts with you retards and never get any hot chicks.

At 50,000 posts I hear Kirik has your computer wired to just explode in your face.

runs to class

Thank God no Double Impact Part Deux starring George Clooney and the UG poster formerly known as Dougie?

I didn't send Fateh over. It appears your new DFL has prompted challenges from all over. They all want a piece of you in the inaugural event!

As soon as MMA is legal in Ontario I will have enough guys wanting to fight me in the DFL to have a full mma career!