Not so fast. Josh vs. KenFlo

Are we all sure Diego is gonna beat Josh?

no...Josh makes it to the finals...

dont give away results Guess u need attention

The sad thing about Kosch is that although his takedowns are excellent, he doesn't make his opponents fear him when he's on top because he doesnt do any damage.

I predict Diego gets a sweep, to mount, punches. Ref stoppage or Kosch taps.

jacketwrestler you've seen him fight once dude. Not only that he was fighting a guy whose use to have guys like Couture and Matt Lindland take him down and be on top of him so I'm pretty sure Leben knows how to protect himself on the ground exceptionally.

Quit jumping to conclusions off one performance.

My prediction is Diego guillotines Josh.


lastcall, you're right I've seen him fight once and I've seen the comments of those who've trained with him. You put 2 and 2 together and you get 5, know what I'm saying?

"I'm sure Josh has worked on defenses to arm bars, triangles and guillotines since turning MMA."

I'm sure a lot of guys have, but that doesn't stop fighters from being armbarred, triangled, and choked in just about every MMA event.

I just know i cant wait to see on Monday. From the previews josh gets a sick takedown. Then we will see what goes on from there.

Also from the previews it looked like Diego had a guillotine sunk in.


Josh loses (take it to the bank), then XXXX will kick his ass April 9th.