Not sure if hit by virus from this site

Hey guys,  I took a look at the Tireasis Just Posted thread and 2 other windows opened up within Google from some Anime site called Takato Knights.  It has now become my background image for Google.


Any one else have this happen?  Running a virus scan now.

I was on that thread early in its development. Nothing happened here.

I have picked up viruses from this site. I believe it was the Zeus virus....a bitch to get rid of.

Funny thing is I'm not getting any messages to call a number, it just switched the image on my google chrome window.

They use high margin, heavily rotated advertisements that are poorly regulated/monitored despite charging for premium accounts. This means many, if not ALL, of the virus scares here, like your browser hijacking incident, were the product of infected advertisements rather than the actions of any poster.

Getchu a better adblocking program

I use adblock plus. Never had a problem until now. I can't tell if there is any damage done or it's just an advertisement. I've been searching if this is a known virus and nothing is coming up.

Your computer has the bad aids now OP


Do you have malwarebytes on your computer? Install it and run a scan.

Should I put it in a bag of rice?

JLK - Should I put it in a bag of rice?










Not Top Men. This ones on me. My niece was logging on to my account remotely and changing things for shits and giggles. Sorry for the accusation.

ublock origin