Not sure why, but gut says Bader beats Rampage

I think that Rampage wins on paper, but I have a feeling Nader beats him in Japan. Phone Post

Depends what kind of fight Bader decides to bring to the table.

Rampage is a fighter that stopped evolving in 2007 and instead focused on drinking redbulls, making excuses and being hollywood.

 I had him beating Tito, and he came out and looked like he was paralyzed.

I'll shed a single tear if this happens. Just one. No more, no less. Phone Post

 Fucking Nader.

Great test for bader I can see this going either way...we should learn a lot about bader from this fight Phone Post

irishrottie - Depends what kind of fight Bader decides to bring to the table.


This is going to be Rampage/Hamill part deux.

I feel like Bader is gonna win too. Rampage hasnt impressed me in a long time

 It's entirely possible, Rampage has had a passing interest in MMA for quite some time now. Definitely not the killer that fought Liddell and Henderson anymore.

I still think he's got enough in the tank for Bader though - hell, Tito dropped him.

I like Rampage, but he hasn't been impressive since he first came back and fought lidell and silva.

Bader possibly but Nader!?! No way he beats Page Phone Post

Depends if badr goes in and just boxes with page. If he chooses to fight mma then Ryan all day Phone Post


 If Bader gets Rampage down, he can choke him. Standing, I don't know. Rampage keeps regressing, but he still has a great chin and pretty good power. Bader has big power too, of course.

rampage takes it for sure
he has the best boxing at 205 bar none and bader doesnt have the polish that evens has

thedudebro - Tbh, I think Bader's boxing is better than Rampage's. Does he have the better chin though?

If Bader mixes it up he can go for a decision.

The Ryan Bader I thought would be top 5 LHW showed himself against Jason Brilz.

pffffffff did u just say Baders Boxing is better than Ramps??? Dude NO, just NO.

That said Bader does have a decent chance to win that fight

But Ramps has got some of the very best boxing in all of mma! Hes KOed K1 fighters

Poopy are your countless failed prediction threads some sort of trolling or are you really that inept?

bader has worse boxing and doesnt have good enough wrestling to take rampage down. How the hell is bader going to win?

I mean this is as obvious an outcome as it gets, how can you not see this? Please explain to me how bader with worse striking and not good enough wrestling to get it to the floor is some how goign to beat rampage?

it could happen.. Rampage looked pretty fat at the TUF finale last month.. but then again he always gets out of shape after fights

rampage in Japan > bader