not to put down any style but.....


Lame- Show the dim mak video again!

the people in this video are doing a black belt demo. I do TMA and these people are the reason we get a bad rep.

Thats funny, I walk by that dojo on the way to the bank all the time.

Small world

LMAO!!! I couldn't get past round long does this BS go on for?

blue lou.. no shit? in Calgary?

nijuro.. 10 rounds I think?

Are you guys kidding?  That is the most unbelievable display of fighting I have EVER seen.  Demo or not!!! 

I mean, you don't see people pulling off stomach high spinning hook kicks every day. 

WOW!  Stomach high spinning hooks.... unbelievable!!!

not to say these people can't fight..... But the way it looks, I personally would NOT put that out for people to see.


Did you guys see the idiot who gave the cheesy one man martial arts demo about a month ago on Jay Leno? He first sat down and did a 5 sec meditation. Jay said "This is the equivilant of dead air on radio"..haha!! Anyway, the guy showed how the swords he was gonna lie on were sharp by cutting a cucumber with them. So, he lies face down on 3 pairs os swords that are about 3 ft above the floor. On his right and left he has 2 stacks of boards that he set on fire (a drop of lighter fluid on each stack). He lies down, does the loud exhale noise right before the hit. He hits both stacks of boards and the stack on his right didn't break completely. Someone forgot to pre cut the last board....hahahaha!!! He tried to break it 2 more times. He had such a hard time breaking that board. I think he had to get off the swords and punch down hard to break it. WHAT AN IDIOT HAHAHAHA!!!!

Is it me or is most of karate and kung fu useless in a real street fight? I mean if the guy you are fighting doesn't know any martial arts, karate and kung fu are better than not knowing anything. But if the guy you are fighting is a wrestler or judo, or Jiu Jitsu guy, you be DEAD.

You guys remember the videos of Elvis Presley practicing karate or kung fu with his body guards? It was cheesier than that video in the link above.

well, thats quite a bias statement. I do TMA but as you should be able to tell, I don't teach like that. It depends on the person doing it as well as the teacher. Some people do it for recreation, some for weight loss, stress relief, etc, etc. But I believe when it comes to sparring you need to go hard or you will never be able to react properly on the street. I'm not saying hard like full out but not jacking each other off. na mean?

I hope everyone knows I'm being sarcastic regarding my previous statements.

Oh for the love of God!