Notebook Memory Question

My friend gave me his old Compaq Armada 7800 laptop to upgrade for him, but I have a question about upgrading the memory. It has one stick of 64 mb PC66 SDRAM in it and I'd like to get it up to at least 128 mb for him, preferably 256 mb. However, PC66 memory is a bitch to find, does anyone know if I'd have major problems with using PC100 or PC133 memory instead of the PC66? If I can use faster memory, will I have to mess with the bios to get it to work right or will the machine just treat the faster memory as PC66? Here's the specs on the machine if it helps. Thanks in advance

Compaq Armada 7800

Model 6300/T/8000/V/M/1

300 MHz Intel Mobile Pentium 2

Windows 95(I'll be upgrading this, to either 98 or 2000)

It just treats it as PC66

PC100 (or PC133 for that matter) should be backwards compatible to PC66, if you need to find memory for it you can go to and then use their memory finder to find the type of memory they have for that model notebook. Even if you don't buy it from you can then buy another brands version of that same memory instead. You might want to check, if you're REALLY lucky then the motherboard on it might be able to support PC100, if it does and you can change the setting in the BIOS then you'll get an additional performance boost beyond just increasing the amount of memory

Thanks for the help guys. The memory finder only recommended the same thing that's already in the machine, so I'm gonna try to find out more about the motherboard and probably give the PC100 a shot.

i tried mixing before (desktop PC) and it definately didn't work. borrow some 100 mem and try just that in the pc to see how it works first..

Thanks for all the help guys. I bought a stick of PC100 and it ran like a champ.