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These are random, morbid things I find interesting. If you have a weak stomach or do not like to see gross things, or just how screwed up we can be, do not continue.

Where do you work? Phone Post 3.0

This is a piece of intestine removed from a boy who was infested with ascaris lumbricoides, worms


Well im out..

Or am i... Phone Post 3.0

Poison Ivy Explosioncloseup Day 2

Hmmmm Phone Post 3.0


Day 2




Day 4


Day 5

Poison oak sucks also Phone Post 3.0

New pic of the human Barbie.


Stretch marks from twins.


Dead President - Where do you work? Phone Post 3.0

I'm an RT at a local regional medical center.

A very bad foot infection.

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A very rough way to go.

Anal warts.

Briscoe -

Stretch marks from twins.


I feel bad for the husband. And that chicks self esteem is shot to shit. Phone Post 3.0

Human jaw and tongue ready for transplant.

I have no idea.