Nothing to see here (AZ audit)…voter fraud

of course i did, why would i claim it was incorrect and call someone out for it if i didnt watch it myself?

it misrepresents what was said to make it more nefarious sounding.

i didnt say you were being dishonest. cernovcih is either being dishonest or just misinformed.

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To further this. I mean if the election was coming up it could make sense for the timing of the deletion of the files.

It definitely seems nefarious to delete it the day before turning over the records.

The election was in May. I’d have to look at a timeline to see when the subpoena was issued, when the deleted the files, and the date of the Maricopa election in May 2021

Ok if true that’s a problem. What was that like 300 total dead votes? Also do you mind sharing where you got that information because I’ve not seen it. Thank you I appreciate it bud

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Do you mind sharing with me what I said that was wrong? Thanks bud

no there isn’t, you are delusional.

no, there isn’t , there is not much evidence, you are a delusional loon like your friend LRP, who by the way has been pretty quiet.

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exactly, this is not that election, this one seems to have more integrity.

Found this as well.

Make the claim of an upcoming election

sure thing cool story bro GIF by Captain Obvious

present your actual evidence here, I will wait.

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So the cyber ninjas CEO won’t testify under oath about his own audit


Yeah just as sketchy

Just as laughable of a statement though considering Hillary supporters did the same fucking thing for 4 years

Despite a brief moment of clarity, the hearing once again showed that there is literally nothing that can convince Trump’s backers in Congress and around the country that he lost the election. But convincing people of the facts is not the point. These sorts of hyperpartisan so-called audits are proliferating around the country. And Thursday’s no-shows further confirm that Cyber Ninjas’ partisan review of the 2020 election is actually an attempt to cast doubt on our election integrity, paving the way for future interference

yes, this. Both sides just want power and more power. They don’t care about us at all. I wish more people could see through he bullshit and realize politicians are just a self serving bunch of assholes. They are getting wealthy off of our taxes, and lobbyists buying their votes, and we cheer them on.

Politics for the everyman is a hobby that keeps us divided and confused. Turn off the news channels and do something else with your time.


Its a section in the cyber ninjas official report.

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lol great timing

my god, the bombshells just keep dropping. surely this means arrests are right around the corner.

has stewed owl had any more dinners where this kind of breaking news is casually shared with OGers?


Archives… how do they work

Serve me a subpoena & I’ll show you :wink:

Yeah very sketchy timing. But the fact that an election was coming up also gives them a plausible reason to back it up.

I mean if it was standard practice they could have just said so in the hearing as opposed to letting it fly on twitter