Nothing to see here (AZ audit)…voter fraud

he did answer the original question tho, which was that it was appropriate to archive data from the machines when space was needed, so the answer to the later question “do you do that as standard practice after every election” the legitimate answer might be “no, we do it as standard practice whenever space is needed”

he said he would find out and get them an answer, hopefully all of it is made public

Yeah then they had that stupid little quiblle a out the other guy.

I can give him the benefit of the doubt because if he mispoke and it’s not standard practice of course they would probably try and charge him for perjury.
I can’t remember if they fought handing this info cause that would make the optics worse.

I can understand that optics don’t necessarily mean accurate or wrong doing

Yeah they said one reason for deleting is to make room for upcoming election data. yet they still have the data on there from elections previous to 2020. So that excuse was absolute bullshit


And so it continues. The cycle of conspiracy nonsense mixed with incompetence, the true legacy of Trump:

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Bring in Dr Shiva!!!

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Another dinner with politicians eh


What the US needs is someone with Election Technical expertise that is non-partisan. Like a super successful Pillow Salesman. That seems to have a lot of similarity to election auditing.


The other side of the “legal” election scandal:

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shocked elaine benes GIF by HULU

any day now

stewed owl is really jacking furiously

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That story goes both ways. Flat earth, pizzagate, the Clinton death count, qanon… all that led up to the 2016 election

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Lol seriously?



Relax man, I’m just establishing a timeline.

Stable genius lolololol

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