Nothing to see here (AZ audit)…voter fraud

If it was anything actually official, it would be in a document.

Im not trying to watch some out of context clip in a dan bongino video. Thats not a real source.

Im sorry that this basic shit makes you so unhinged. Jesus lol


Hey! Give him the sauce.
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awwww let’s grift again, like we did last summer…


Lol, but he’s done such a good job so far.

Trump has a lot of lawsuits coming up so expect a huge increase in emails to donors asking for help to (ha ha) “stop the steal”.

At this point he’s basically a welfare recipient who just bypasses the government for his payouts.

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Eh not really welfare, it’s more like an OnlyFans situation


More like they guys who think their in a relationship with the girl.

I like this.
Wisconsin SHERIFF gettin’ it done on the low.

Sorry commies, Biden didn’t win squat.

Yup, looks like a reliable source to me.

Misidentifying shooters and terrorists

The Gateway Pundit has a record of misidentifying perpetrators of shootings and terror attacks.[59]

Shortly after the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, in which a person drove a vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one, The Gateway Pundit falsely identified a young man from Michigan as the driver.[60] After the misidentification took place, the family went into hiding after receiving several death threats.[61][62] Together with his father, the Michigan man filed a defamation lawsuit against the publication and other related parties.[60]

In October 2017, The Gateway Pundit published an article falsely implicating an innocent person as the shooter in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. The article was promoted by Google as a “top story” for searches for his name.[63] The Gateway Pundit asserted that New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi had reported that ISIS may have evidence that it was behind the shooting, but Callimachi denied that she had ever made such an assertion.[64]

The Gateway Pundit promoted conspiracy theories about the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.[65] In February 2018, The Gateway Pundit published an article erroneously stating that school shooter Nikolas Cruz was a registered Democrat, citing a registered Broward County voter with a similar name. The website later corrected its mistake.[66][67] Later that month, The Gateway Pundit was one of a number of far-right websites that pushed the claim that at least one of the teenage survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting was a deep state pawn,[68] alleging that David Hogg’s gun control activism was being coached by his retired FBI agent father.[69]

In July 2018, The Gateway Pundit falsely claimed that a man arrested with bomb-making equipment and illegal weapons had been a “leftist antifa terrorist”. The individual in question was however a conservative whose Facebook profile was littered with pro-Second Amendment memes.[70]

In August 2018, The Gateway Pundit falsely identified a Reddit user as the perpetrator of the Jacksonville Landing shooting.[71][53]

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There’s always one.

Where would you like to start?

NY Times?

Why don’t you call the cop shop in the morning instead of using Google(China) to decipher your ad hominems.


Or you could keep on with the college-grad NPC “diverse critical thought.”
Maybe see which trillionaire owns stock in the Gateway Pundit.

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So the election is going to be overturned, right?

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I think you mean installment Mr.“My opinion matters”.


People who still think the election was stolen are dumber than flat earthers.


Flat earthers are smarter than people who think their vote matters.

So don’t vote.

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I heard flat earth has members all around the globe


Lol @ a sheriff in a county that only has 200k people being the one to finally come with the goods


You’d think this guy could have just made some arrests with all his proof. Is it customary to hold a press conference before arresting and charging the proven criminals?