Nothing to see here (AZ audit)…voter fraud

How many posts do u have on this thread vs me?

This is my 2nd post

I favor voting in person unless there is some reason one can’t in that day. I don’t YET agree that anyone can just be given a mail in ballot for no justified reason such as I’m lazy and would rather just mail it in. We may get to that point …

But sending me a mail in ballot in the mail should not be allowed unless I ask for it AND have an acceptable reason to vote this way.

I believe ( assuming I am allowed to without gathering the proper facts as some say in another thread) that a majority of college students would have voted Biden. I know many and also someone that works at a college and they were ANTI TRUMP do it didn’t matter who the other candidate was. But that’s who they would vote for.

It’s like another civic duty, jury duty - a pain in the ass, but necessary for our society to work properly.

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So…about that fraud.

Dunno, but apparently I have a lot less MAGA splooge dripping off my chin!

Guarantee your Le Lefty ass has made more appearances on MAGA ‘circle jerk’ threads than I have!.. you can’t stay away, even though you claim to be above it. Do you always jump in the middle with your mouth wide open Le Eazy?

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Dude- my MySpace is locked down. Why you hackin?!

Lol, that author is so triggered. And I’m sure all the CNN haters will let you know you’re using a biased source.

he comes across as a perma-triggered sandy vagina MAGAloser

It’s not “MSM” so it has to be real and accurate. Sources only matter when it’s coming from the evil, nebulous “them”





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So it looks like the Ninjas are going to get AZ off the Presidential electoral vote and the election will become void and Biden will no longer be President??? Is that what the Ninjas will uncover? Or will the results stand and the Ninjas will go home happy with fat wallets? Man I am anxious for the results which are now about two to three months late with no end in site.

Ninja az audit will be complete once they get a contract to audit a different state.

no doubt the Ninjas will go home rich

they will sheer the triggered sheep financially

Success is based on getting an accurate count of how many legal votes were cast in Maricopa County. That’s it.

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I did spell shear wrong

But will Ninjas makes Trumpsters wear pantyhose??