So, with this evidence we are clear that Hearing people are INFERIOR to the deaf, especially to me.

So deaf people are better shots than hearing people?!?! What a sick point to make during such a dark time in our country. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Reading Comprehension: "Deaf did NOT do this crime."

There's no logical way for you to twist the facts with pathetic wordplay. Since Deaf Did not do this crime, it points out the fact that deaf people have better things to do and make better judgement, unlike hearing people.

Hearing people make very bad judgement, such as not keeping thier pledge to "Liberty and Freedom for ALL" which is the pledge to the flag to the United States of America.

but, for some reason, you said in a previous post, "My name is Zilla I have never done a homosexual act."

why would you quote Beau, is that some kind of 'clue' to insinuate that Beau is behind all the bullshit that I get in the fight game?

So does this mean that everyone all pledges allegiance to Beau the Fuheur? Beau is an Atheist. His disbeief in God and lack of faith in things unseen makes his judgement quite erroneous. How old are you, Mr. Zilla? By Now, in your 30's, you should know that life is very, very, very, very precarious, and that time is running out. Soon, you will grow to worry more about eternal life, and life after death. The more you think of eternal life, the more life on earth doesnt matter in a way that you'd be an asshole on it.

First off:
1. If there is no eternal life, then why do people end it so quickly and fastly as well as to end others?
2. If there is eternal life, then wouldn't ending one's own life or others just puts them into the afterlife?

Surely eternal life isn't without God and the Devil, when you examine these two logics behind death and living. People who believe in eternal life are more likely to not kill, because they believe in God, isnt that strange? While those who don't are more likely to kill, dont they think their short life without eternal life means they should live it to the fullest?

Why are deaf people always going around shooting innocent folks....?

Why are hearing people in Tulsa don't keep their pledge to Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, which is LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL A NATION UNDER GOD


not under Satan.

lets see:
Hearing man in colorado killed 12, shot 70.
Hearing men in Tulsa killed 5,000 blacks.

I see.

So, I see that Tulsans, have a hard time keeping their pledge to the American flag and are NOT Americans.

They should be deported out of the country to Mexico.

I've always wondered this: What about hearing aids?

If you wear hearing aids, aren't you then a hearing person too and therefore just as guilty as the rest of us?


Hearing-Aids do help, but they are not perfect. Even if they were, the deaf person has experienced deafness, an isolation chamber. Experiencing deafness already gives you the deafness experience similar to the isolation chamber which even if hearing-aids gave them the true hearing experience it doesnt remove their deafness experience because they don't sleep with hearing-aids on.
If you are familiar with GIJOE, with the retro comics, Snake-Eyes enters the isolation chambers, which is a water-filled, isolated tank, you can't hear or see a thing inside of it. Snake-Eyes uses this Isolation Chambers for his Ninja Meditation.
This Isolation Experience, gives Snake Eyes a taste of "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight"
By isolating his senses in the isolation chamber, Snake Eyes can concentrate on Faith to further his Ninja Training. Thus, Deaf people, have more faith becase they can't hear and thus concentrate on Faith instead of hearing, that's why their Faith makes the stronger than people who rely on their senses too much and become assholes.

"Earthy, Sensual, Demonic". See, the "Sensual" Part is that hearing people rely on their senses too much, and thus they are earthly, sensual and demonic- but the deaf man, who relies on his Faith, is "Heavenly, Spiritual, Angelic"


(someones experience and refrence to a Sensory Deprivation Chamber)

Floatation tank therapy: "The cure for what ails you."

I'm no sucker - if you know me, then you know that.
But I tried this.
I point the causational finger at G.I. Joe and Larry Hama. In issue #2 of the Marvel Comics series from 1982, the character Snake Eyes is roused from an episode in a sensory deprivation tank for an important mission. If you don't know Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, the dude is one bad mammer-jammer. My seven year old head thought that if Snake Eyes used that to meditate, and it helped to make him more bad-ass, then I that's something I was interested in. So I read more about it, researched it, etc., etc. (I was an odd kid) and so by now I'm pretty well versed in everything that's supposed to be attributed to time spent in the things.

I stole this from a website though, because I'm lazy:

Floating creates a state of deep relaxation for the body and mind, relieving the effects of stress. There are three general benefits that are frequently reported by floaters. These three general benefits are relief from pain, rejuvenation and intensified concentration.??There are extensive reports from floaters that their sessions in the float tank relieve pain in their body. Floaters with chronic on-going pain find relief. The deep relaxation state coupled with the detoxifying effects of the Epsom salt are major contributors to the relief of pain reported by floaters.??The deep state of relaxation is the major reason for the other two most frequently reported benefits of floating – rejuvenation and intensified concentration. Floatation has been used to help recover from the effects of jet-lag, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and detoxification. As the body relaxes in zero gravity with no light or sound, the mind is freed from many of the moment to moment processes it usually is monitoring. The mind-body connection is intensified, thus promoting intense healing in both the mind and the body. Floaters often report feeling rejuvenated and better able to concentrate.??· Oxygen consumption decreases??· Breathing rate slows??· Heart rate slows??· Blood pressure decreases??· Muscle tension decreases??· Endorphins create a calmness in the mind

So I found this place in Rockford (I'm leaving the name out - you can look it up if you want to and I don't advertise) made the call and went up to check it out.
It seems rather odd in a way. It's a small business tucked into the side of a "health and fitness center" along with a physical therapy clinic and a massage therapist. The "office" consists of one of the owners sitting at a table with his laptop and a locking cabinet. Granted, it's not like a "fringe" kind of new age healing business like this isn't going to exist as its own physical entity in a solitary building. Of course it's located off in someone else's spare office space. We have to make a profit somehow, right?

I have to admit - there are times when I over-estimate my own physical and psychological abilities these days. I've been all over the place emotionally this past year (though mostly low) and I definitely haven't been at my absolute best. In a way, putting myself in a spot like a sensory deprivation tank could have been a massive mistake. I'm not sure if it was or not, but I'm still evaluating the possibility.

First, let's talk the physical environment: The tank was in a small room, maybe only 3-4 times the size of the tank itself. Lots of decorative rocks strewn about the room and in pots, as if rocks create a sense of peace. I think the dude got his idea of a zen garden a bit confused. I could have asked for some "soothing" music, but I opted for the full on absence of sound. The lights were low - it's about the mood, you know what I mean?

So the door is locked and I strip down. The water in the tank is ten inches deep and warmed to the exact temperature of the human body. It is an Epsom salt solution that allows the body to float perfectly on the surface of the water. Once you climb inside, there is no light that is visible through any of the surfaces or through the door. So you find a comfortable position in the center of the tank and float. You're not touching the sides or the bottom, you're warm like in the womb, and it's perfectly, absolutely dark.

It takes a while to calm your mind, or a while longer if you're like me and your mind runs miles a minute. I think that I was in there for about a half hour before I could fully relax and experience something out of the ordinary. It was weird. You do have an innate sense of your bodily position; some feel that that "sense" constitutes something that should be considered your true "sixth sense." Regardless, you know where your body parts are. It's how we can walk and move without falling down while not watching our feet. But after a half hour of floating motionless, I lost my sense of body vs. the boundary between me and the water. I could no longer feel that definitive line between my skin and the water. I felt like I actually extended to the edge of the tank. No lie. The fact that it wasn't moving and was actually the exact same temperature as my body meant that the boundary between the two dissolved.

A little bit later, bored and unable to concentrate further, I started waving my hands in front of my face. Now, it was still perfectly dark, but with my eyes open, I could see a white moving, blurring outline of my hand as I waved it a foot in front of my eyes. There is no rational explanation for this other than that it was a manifestation of that same kinesthetic sense. That my brain somehow knew the position of the my hand without the visual cue, but that the part of the brain that maintains the kinesthetic sense was connected to the visual lobe, and that the sense that my body had of its own location was superimposed in a way onto my visual cognition.


Well, I didn't have any hallucinations or communications with a higher power, but it was an interesting experience. If I do it again, I plan to work more on my self-discipline and meditation first. I think I missed out on the full experience because I couldn't keep myself from thinking about anything and everything that crossed my pointy little mind. I can say too, that the "pain relief" aspect might have been overplayed. My back pain was a little bit worse, and I couldn't escape it while I was in there. I had trouble relaxing because there was no way that I could ignore the pain emanating from my upper back while I was floating there. Perhaps the loss of pressure put more strain on that group of muscles - I'm not sure.

Overall, it was worth it. I'll do it again sometime, but I'll prepare myself better first. Like I said, I don't know about the "pain relief" part of it, but I'm willing to give that another chance.

Holy FRAT!

Snake Eyes was badass.

Googley eyed people are people too David. That's racist. When was the last time you pledged allegiance to the flag?

People are either Angels or Demons.


This is an ODD troll angle. Phone Post

Anyone who can't derive information from the above post-modern appropriation collage are unable to have the cognitive resoning to make interpretations of art at museuems or real films or works of literature.