Nov. 14th PPV title Shot

Team Wildman will be out @ soboba Casino Nov.14th PPV if U need some tickets we have a few left call 760-243-2700.

Thomas Denny VS James Fanshier 4 WW title

Charles"Krazy Horse"Bennett VS Dave Hisquerdo

Alex Rikards VS Paul Karsky

Hope to see you there,
The Wildman

KOTC Good Luck Wildman

Krazy Mike will be there to cover the event and chear you on!

KOTC I forget which # though. See U there Mike

Oh yeah Flame away, LOL.

The Wildman

good luck

buentello vs newton

Wildman Denny Can you bring some stuff hat beanie shirt or something with team wildman on it?

Thanks Bro

No, the submission wasnt even in all the way it was an early stoppage. Chonans arm is fuked up though.

The Wildman

Thanks guys

i will be watching the wildman take yet another belt

The Kimura he escaped was way deeper than what they stopped it on.



Denny, did you ever answer the challenge Chris Brennan threw out????


LOL @ crazywhiteboy!

What? I remeber reading a challenge to you, from Chris Brennan. What ever happened about that? Please fill me in.

Absolutley Nothing!

who is James Fanisher??

Where did my post go? Anyway, here it goes again.

Denny, are you going to say what happened? Or do you not want to talk about it?

Chris beat Denny by Kimura or Armbar not sure which and every since then they kinda of just do not seem to like each other? Not sure why or the story?

Chris says Denny would not shake his hand or some bullshit? and from that point it has been internet back and forth?

Fuck luck Thomas, just kick his ass.

Thanks for taking over my boy. He seems hapy with the training he's getting