Check out for a seminar in Nova Scotia, Canada. Great guy, great Instructor of BJJ who did JUDO privates to improve his game.

Check it out.


I have never heard of anyone other than bjj guys taking private lessions in judo. Seems strange to me but I guess its common in their training.

I train in submission wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Joslin's in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The guy hosting the BJJ is my old instructor who moved to Kentville and is opening his own dojo. To check his skills check out his website and click on the BJJ news and watch his clips, or check out and check out the video section. He is truly one of Canada's best BJJ competitors around.

His name is Rowan if your going to view his clips.


Your the real TROLL. I am simply posting as sometimes people like to attend seminars and maybe get some other points of view.

So do me a favor and lick my balls, as many top Judoka come & learn some BJJ and vice versa.

TROLLING is when you stir up shit like you just did. How ironic that the first guy to say troll came from a guy doing it himself.


" ok sorry but this is a judo/sambo site , so please remove your face from here and go post somewhere else ......TROLL."

usaclown, that was uncalled for. There is nothing wrong with posting seminar information on this site. I'm sure there are judoka in Nova Scotia that would be interested in attending a bjj seminar. I don't know Rowan personally, but I have seen him compete in tournaments and he is very skilled.

Thank you wiley, I'll spread the word. I may be able to find a couple of interested people.



Rowan is a great guy and could help almost any judoka's game!

Koga - a few of business types I know have taken judo privates and a number of parents I know have put their children into privates as well (granted, they were learning disabled and needed the personal attention).