NOVA UNIAO -Belt Promotions

New Blue and Purple promotions listed at under news.

*Mike from CBK/Kingston is not listed. But the web guy is working on adding him to the list. Congrats to Mike on his purple!!!

Ashkan also got his blue

Congrats all! Congrats Mike!

Good stuff...congrats.

Congratulations Mike!!!

Way to go! I will give you a call later today to talk.


I knew I forgot a few people.

Congrats Ashkan

great. congrats!:)

Thanks guys:)


PS: Rich: After thinking long and hard (for about 10 minutes) we
decided that we will go to that event with you!

LMAO at that picture of maz! we should romoshop Scott next!

Ash where the hell did you disappear to friday night? You missed out on a lot of free alcohol. Anyways thanks for bringing Walter to the party :)

Congrats to everyone who got promoted. It was a great party! Glad to see so many people there. The Nova Uniao family continues to grow. Glad to see all Wagnney's hard work paying off!

-Mike (ChinaTowwwn)

Great work. Congrats.

congrats to all!


Congrats Mike

wow, you and Rebecca have had a great week!!!

The food was great and I think there was over 50 people at the party.

Mike if I missed any other promotions let me know. I am left before Wagnney gave out the belts so I working off what people have told me.

BTW Leo will be at Karma teaching in Wagnney place. Dec10- Jan 8th.

Dom Sandro also got his blue. I think that's everyone.

Wagnney said there was 80 people at the party. That's gonna be hard to beat next year!


Well...I KNEW Mike didn't seem to grapple like a blue belt!!!

I haz been sandbagged! Ha ha ha!

Congrats Mike!

When I left at 7:00 there was over 50 people, so 80 people sounds about right.

congrats Sandro

Congrtas Mike

Awesome that your the first BJJ purple in Kingston. I'll see you again Im sure in 2004. Any upcoming seminars? Maybe Eric Paulsen or Eddie Bravo again??

ttyl, Greg Compton

1950 what about Shoalin or Penn ??