Nova Uniao open Mat Sunday 7pm

This Sunday at 7pm there is an Open Mat for all N.U. Canada members.

Where: Wagnney's Club.

Then we are going to a near by bar to watch PrideFC.



I`ll be there for no gi.... and happy new year everyone..

Jlmirage right now only the night time session is happening. Let me know if you are committed to the morning session and I will come to train.

I might be in for the morning session.
When would I know that morning session is still happening?

I'd like to be there for the morning session. Let me know if it is going to happen. Cal me at 647.226.2998.


Sunday morning it is 1030 am confirm that you will be there via email or posting here.

I am most likely in if I wake up on time.
Anyone else?

Josh I'll be there at 6:30 pm is that ok, keep in mind pride is on at 8:30 and not the normal 9 pm start.

give me a call on my cell 416-523-4518

Is morning session still a go?

yes we are a go for the morning session

Big Perm, you should have posted that info YESTERDAY.
I checked this site as late as 9 A.M. this morning.

what an ass....

KPride We were on all along "1030am it is" , you were simply supposed to confirm your attendance. sorry about that. Next time simply email me.

damn crappy ice covered roads, really throwing off my schedual. :(

Matt come to the 7pm session.