Nova Uniao the MMA super power!

With the resent UFC and Shooto success, one would would have to conclude that Nova uniao has arrived as an MMA power house. In fact from 130-170 pounds no team is better. Also, the way they are winning, getting on top and passing the guard completely or taking the back, is an aspect sorely missing in MMA. Nova unaio is prooving that good sport BJJ translates into MMA.
130 Robson Moura and louro in shooto. Robson looks amazing, he passes the guard so effortlesly.

145 Joao Roque, has a resent draw, but he is a definate top 5er at the weight (Pequeno, Jens, Kid and then Joao or Menjivar ).

155 Shoalin and B.J. Penn, enough said, everyone should be watching these guys to see how MMa should be done ( same goes for Charuto ).

170 At the last UFC Penn and Charuto put on a clinic of how to conrol the fight standing, get on top, pass the guard and do damage. Also, George St. Pierre, recieved his Blue belt from Nova Uniao, and all he did was beat Karo.

TTT for the team with the best style in MMA!!

You should give this stuff a rest Kashk...

But I like to troll!

Besides, there is a lot of truth there. What good is it to be a BJJ guy in MMA if you can't get top postion and pass the guard?

Also, many people are under the wrong impression about Nova Uniao just doing sport BJJ.

Although, sport BJJ is greatest and this MMA stuff is just a distraction.

Futhermore, I am sick of the lay and pray, and weak Gn'P that has become all the rage. Also, not a huge fan of the stand up game.

It is a decent troll, but not very creative for Kashk, therefore I cannot give it anything higher than a 5.4

I do agree with Kashk that a lot of MMA, especially from some grapplers, is south of entertaining (B.J. suffered from this as well, however, for the two fights prior to this one--hopefully the old B.J. is back for good). I would also like to see Marcelo Garcia in MMA, and some of the Behring heavyweights whose names I can't remember and don't want to spell completely wrong :)

Personally, I am looking forward to Bocek's debut. It should also be noted that many of Quebec's MMa fighters claim some affiliation with Nova Uniao.

I agree with Rowan, Big Perm should give it a rest.
Also Big perm should get spell check.


Kashk, you misunderstood me, or I didn't make myself well understood: Its your Nova Uniao advertising campain is what tends to wear thin.

Everyone who's anyone in bjj or mma knows how good Nova Uniao is. Same goes for Alliance, Barra, Top Team, Behring, etc.

Then again, I tend to get irritated very easily. This could just be my own hyper-critical view of things.

I don't know what he's been like recently, but Joao Roque had some of the most boring fights in MMA history in JVT

ttt for Leo Veria

I agree with Not Lettuce, even though God hates him and he's going to HELL!!!!!!!!!

I think KashK is very proud of being apart of Nova Uniao! Way to go girl!However I think 130-170 is a big division!!!!

Can't forget other teams like Chute Boxe "Hey", BTT or even ATT!!!!

rener, I dont think Marcelo Garcia would do well in NHB!!! He even said it and Fabio Gurgel, (his coach), wants him to hold off on that for a while! I hope his hands are as good as his arm drags!

oops, wait a minute Im starting to sound like Big Perm!

Naughy Gorilla, you should check out Joao Roques recent fights in WFA or his Deep appearances!!!! Very very slick! I used to fel the same way about watching him fight but after seeing him in those matches! WOW! I am very impressed bu his MMA skills!

why do i come on here anymore???

Okay, N.U. thing aside, what about the fact that guys like Penn are actually passing the guard in MMA fights?

KashK, I definitely agree with guard passing adding to the excitment and entertainment of MMA.

My impression of Liborio1:

Hey guys!!!!!!! Don't forget about Leo Veirra!!!!!! He does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!!!!!! I like exclamation points!!!!

Kashk seriously, I think they are on to a point.

i was starting to wonder if it was just me or you were really starting to sound like a NU evangelist...


I would say submissions and KOs add to the excitement. :p

NU is under rated. Honestly, nobody says anything when non BJJ teams like MFs get their props. Look at the facts, N.U. has had a lot of success at high levels recently, and they are able to use their BJJ to win. I think the problem people here have is that they are fans of, or affiliated with other teams.

Some people hate this kind of promoting period, including some of my teamates.

However, nobody criticizes the Behring guys for constant self-promotion.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

there is better things to do with your time.

being 'good/bad' always depends on how 'good/bad' your competition for the self promotion... everyone does it...


Carlson Gracie Sr. is leaving quite the legacy... :)