Nova União vs Japan?

Just a rumour in Brazil.

Did anyone hear about it?

No, but I will check it out...

With Louro, Moura, Roque (all world rankers), Shaolin (champion), Santos, Cherman, and Candido all fighting Shooto... it could make for an interesting card


No info on this at this point.

no big fan of Nova Uniao, they are very skilled fighters but often their fights turns into ZzzZzZzZzZzZ


don't you like Matsune? heh,if anything he is more boring than nova uniao.

Louro has been boring, but Shaolin and Roque are finishers... boring???

Louro actually wasnt that bad against Katsumura.

ah maybe I'm abit harsh on the Nova Uniao guys. About Matsune, well he might be abit boring but I'll still support him, and he did attempt several flying armbars against mamoura ;P