Nova Uniao

If guys like Jose Aldo and Renan Barao trained with different camps I feel like they would be much better off.

Don't get me wrong I know they are the pros and I'm a guy posting on the internet but on one of the countdown shows a long time ago they had Jose like running in a field for cardio if I remember correctly.

Nova Uniao is a high level team but they seem a bit barbaric. If they had a better coach those guys would be... ya know, better. Phone Post 3.0

They seem pretty good at combat sports Phone Post 3.0

Do you even understand what you just wrote?

Calling their training barbaric is ok I guess from the little bit you see on TV, but remember you see none of the details.

More importantly you just said that the champ who hasn't lost in a decade needs to train at a different camp. Seriously dude? Phone Post 3.0

I'm not trying to crap on them by any means! I think they could be even better that's all Phone Post 3.0

That is wild speculation completely lacking the facts necessary to have a reasoned opinion.

How could you possibly be better off if you're Jose Aldo he probably hasn't lost in 10 years Phone Post 3.0

Not sure if srs Phone Post 3.0

Aldo the apache - Not sure if srs Phone Post 3.0
Haha, no doubt is this real? Phone Post 3.0

Wut? Phone Post 3.0

Yes. The team that produced two dominant champions was bad for those two. Oh, they did a bad job helping BJ Penn with his BJJ, too.

The only legitimate argument you can make about this is Aldo's injury history. And I don't those had anything to do with running in a field. Phone Post 3.0

Aldo the apache - Not sure if srs Phone Post 3.0

did not read after the first sentence. andre pederneiras is the man