Novaxx Djokovic kicked out of Australia!

Might have to change the name of Stockholm Syndrome to Australia Syndrome…

Or Spjackson77 Syndrome


It’s this mass mental psychology, where segment by segment people were forced to take the vaccines, and now their mindset is, “I had to fucking take it he should have to too.”

and the vitriol and anger is directed at those who haven’t undergone what they had to go through rather than directed at that those that forced them to take the vaccine.


England maybe, NYC will definitely tell him to fuck off

Interesting note. Just look at Greg’s bio. “Heath Minister”
Greg graduated from Melbourne University with First Class Honours in Law, and subsequently won a Fulbright Scholarship to complete a Masters of International Relations at Yale University.

I would think a person making medical decisions might have a background in… a medical field? Maybe that would be more appropriate. Then I saw he was endorsed by the WEF. Then, it became very clear what the agenda was.

Greg’s achievements include being named a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, being a runner up in the World Debating Championships and being selected as Australia’s debating captain.


So minister of health propaganda would be a more fitting title since he doesn’t actually know anything about health



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Yeah, it always been punitive and about compliance and control. Instead of Aussies using this moment to help turn the tide they seemed to have sided with the state.

Of course my dumb liberal friends who were up in arms over the fake whipping of Haitians story and have no problem with hundreds of thousands of unvaxxed untested people pouring over our own border are super happy about Novak getting fucked.


Said this earlier, I can’t imagine them ever treating Federer like this.

I also support having the tournament taken away from them as well.

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Fuckin idiots

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And this is just typical…says it all really

Stockholm syndrome


Nobody is above the law. If fed was unvaxxed, they’d do the same to him

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Hopefully we get an Aboriginal translation if they have a press conference about this


Yikes, what happened to that bitches face?

What a misandrist!

Also has quite a low IQ as well.

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Some time in jail is definitely in order. Can’t risk making him some martyr now