November Poker Report

Hey all,

November was a very exciting month for me poker-wise. Lots of very interesting developments, and of course, lots of ups-and-downs that only poker can bring. A big tourney win, a new venture online, a jump up in limits, and my biggest single day $ loss ever. Whew!

After a very poor October (up only $3k) salvaged singlehandedly by a $2,700 Halloween win (my new favourite holiday!), I was hoping to put up some big wins in November, with Christmas and taxes (UGH this year's gonna hurt) coming up.

The first week of November went very well, with an $8k profit including a $3k single day it helped put my mind at ease. In the 6 months I have been pro I have had 4-6 week stretches where I barely win anything, and it seems like you'll never get out of it. Also, when I go through those long strecthes, I begin to wonder if the $$ in online poker has dried up, that maybe the bad players have finally run out of money.

November 13 was a huge day personally for me. I began my trek to follow in wreckker's footsteps. I played in a live $200 NL tournment at River Rock Casino.

What a difference a tiny choice can make in your life. I stayed up night before partying and then playing some Halo 2, fully intending to not goto the tourney... but 9am rolled around quicker than I thought and I decided that since I was up, I'd give the tourney a shot.

As many of you know I have only recently started playing live, and this was only my third live tourney.

Attached below is a tourney report I report FOR MY NEW POKER WEBSITE (I will shamelessly promote my site below) :) :)

The tournament was a $100 NL with two $50 rebuys. Every tournament at River Rock seems to be run better and with a better structure, and this one was no different. I was pleasently surprised to find out we started with $3,000 in Tournament Chips (TC) which was quite an increase from previous tourneys which used 1,500TC or 1,000TC. It seems like the staff at the poker room have decided to scale the starting chips with the amount of the buy-in - which is great.

Not only that, but they removed any restrictions on when you could use the rebuys - so I immediately used my two rebuys and started the tourney with 9,000TC with the blinds starting at 25/25!

Also, they extended the rounds from 15 to 20 minutes, which meant more hands per level!

The large starting stack and longer rounds gave a ton of room to play, which is an advantage for the better players and made for a great format.

The tournament had room for 165 players, but didn't sell out (the first tiem at the Rock I believe) getting about 140 players total.

They even allowed late registration for about ten minutes.

Anyway, I started off by limping in a lot, trying to see a ton of flops. I got involved in a few hands, unfortunately not winning any big hands and dropped down to 7,000TC in the first couple rounds.

I built my stack back up to the starting 9k by flopping two pair (KT) on a KTx board and being called down by a guy holding K9.

I stayed away from any exciting hands for the next few levels, slowly and surely building up my stack.... staying around the average stack for much of the tournament.

Eventually we got down to 5 tables, with approximately 45 players left. My table had gotten short-handed as they were close to moving down to four tables, and this was where I built up my stack. I love when this happens - you get hit with a rush of good cards. Especially beacuse my table had 7-8 players, I was able to take advantage of my cards. I got dealt KK twice, QQ, Ak and a AQ in just a level or two. My KK's both held up against AQ and Ax and all of a sudden I was chip leader at the table.

Using my large stack I picked up some blinds and some pots that no one else seemed to want.

I was probably the chip leader of the tournament when this hand came up. A guy with a fairly large stack got moved to my table when we got down to 2 tables, and he was sat directly to my right.

I didnt want to get involved in a big pot with him as he was the only guy that could cripple me.

However this hand came up: I got dealt KJ and made a decent size raise after he limped. He was the only one to call and we saw a Jxx two Diamond flop. There was approximately X in the pot. This was a pretty good flop for me, although I didnt have the K Diamond. He checked and I bet about 2/3 of the pot. It looked like I would pick up the pot right here. He called! Hmmm, now this was making me nervous. The one guy at the table I didn't want to get involved with now called my bet. Sometimes in a NL tourney, someone calling your bet is much more scary than getting raised.

Fortunately a blank hit on the turn. He checked to me again. There was basically only two things he could have, either a Jack, or a diamond flush draw. I thought it unlikely he had AJ, as he didnt raise pre-flop although it was possible. So if he had a Jack, my kicker was probably good. If he had a flush I had to bet enough to make a call incorrect. The pot was now about 80k, so I bet 30k - giving him 3 to 11 odds to call.

He called again. Now I was real scared. Of course, the 2 Diamond hits on the river! Thankfully he checked to me and I just checked it down, and he showed JT, and I take down a monster pot against the number two stack at the table.

That pot helped me cruise to the final table, where we got re-seated.

I had about 25% of the total chips at the final, making me in the great position of being the large stack by quite a bit.

I played more aggressive, however I made sure to play quite tight from early position, as I had a tendency to throw away chips with a large stack in previous tournaments. That was definitely something I did not want to have happen.

Soon after, with 300k+ in TC, I picked up A club Q club in the big blind.

Tom Phu, an excellent NL player with a ton of experience having played in MAJOR poker tournaments, with a small stack goes all-in from EP for about 30-40k, and Scott Craig reraises all-in to 112k.

Scott is an excellent NL tournament player that I have butted heads with in the last two big NL tourneys at the Rock.

He cashed in the $200 October tournament, when I busted out just out of the money. And here he is now, at the final table.

Earlier, he had caught me in a blind steal when we were shorthanded. He had a small stack in the small blind, and reraised me with pocket Jacks. I had to call with my T6 as the pot (with the blinds, antes and my initial raise) was now quite large. He managed to get SUPER-LUCKY with his jacks beating my T6 offsuit. Wink

And now, here he was all in again. I debated a while on this hand, but decided the opportunity to eliminate 2 players while risking only about 30% of my stack was too good a chance to give up.

Tom flipped over A3o, but Scott had one of the 3 hands I was worried about: AK.

So the three of us were yelling at the dealer: Tom, "3! 3!", Scott: "Nothing! Nothing!" and me, "Queen! Or Clubs!!" Apparently, I yelled the loudest as I went runner runner clubs for the flush and the monster pot!

I was very lucky and very happy to eliminate two excellent Vancouver players in one hand.

By now a large crowd had gathered to watch us play the final table, behind the velvet ropes set up by the staff.

I thought that I was going to be nervous playing poker in front of a large crowd for thousands of dollars, but I wasn't nervous at all. I was very calm actually. It was weird. Having a super-large stack definitely helped, but even in the big pots I was very relaxed. I had been more nervous playing $2/$4 that morning even though I was just playing for fun - and playing every hand!

I sort of sat back and let the other players battle it out for a while. We got down to 4-handed, and then the game really started to slow down. For some reason, no-one wanted to get eliminated!

I ended up losing some chunks of my stacks to opponent's either going all-in and winning, or reraising my blind raises. This evened out the stacks pretty much, although I was still chip leader.

I raised pre-flop with KJ, and Daniel Allard puts some chips in the pot. He reached back to reraise me, but the dealer ruled that it was a string raise and he could only call since he did not say raise before moving chips into the pot. The flop came Kxx... a pretty decent flop for me, but I had to be careful because of Dan's wanting to raise pre-flop. He checked to me, and I bet 2/3 the pot. He called. A blank came on the turn, and Dan bet - he meant to go all-in but since he didn't say it again, he left chips behind that he wanted to bet! This was interesting! What could he have?? He only had a small amount left, but I figured I should just call anyway to see what the river before calling his last amount of chips. Another blank hit on the river and he sure enough went all-in.

This was weird. It looked like he wanted to raise me pre-flop, but since it was his first live tourney he made a mistake handling the chips. He just called my bet on the flop, but came out betting on the turn.

I had to call. Something was fishy. He flips over AJ for nothing but a bluff. Later, I found out he wanted to reraise me all-in preflop but got caught on the string-raise.

He busted out in fourth and cashed in for $1,796 - not bad for his first tournament!

Now we were down to three: me, Moe Lambertus and Stanley CK Sum, Stanley had come back from less than a big blind and survived multiple all-in's to build up a large stack. Moe had plugged along with a decent stack, but now seemed to have gone card dead and now was down to a small stack.

We trade chips back and forth - the tension rising as the money was quite huge, and the jump from third to second to first even bigger!

First was $9,000, second $4,000 and third $2,500.

Finally Moe had to make a stand, and I called... we both had garbage but my garbage was better and Moe took third.

Right away, Stanley offered me a 50-50 split on the first and second prize money.

Hmmmm, that was interesting! I definitely had a bone to pick against Stanley - I had got him all-in 4 times personally at the final table - the favourite each time, and each time he had ended up the winner after the river. Also, he had gone all-in at least FOUR MORE TIMES against other players and won three and chopped the fourth time. That made 8. This cat didnt have many lives left.

However he had about 650,000 in chips to my 450,000 and the blinds were about to go up to 30k/60k with a 5k ante. That gave me about 7BB... and needing 3k to raise the BB, didnt leave much room to play.

So I decided to accept the 50-50 split.... meaning we each got $6,541!

Unfortunately, I find out later that because he had more ships, he gets first place in the record books, and I only record $4,104 in "real" money for the money list.

I tell you, watching the cashier count out $100 bills for seemingly 5 minutes was a great feeling. The wad of hundreds was almost an inch thick! What a feeling!

So with the huge first week, and the big tourney win I was set for November and I kind slacked off from poker....

Having that wad of cash in my house was great... I felt like Matt Damon in Rounders at the beginning of the movie when he grabs wads of cash hidden around the house.

November also saw my friend and I get our website up and running. is our local and affiliate poker website.

We aren't professional web designers so our site doesnt look to glamourous now, but we have great forums and good content. I have a lot of my pro poker friends posting in the forums.

We have set up the site as an affiliate on some online poker sites. What this means is that we bring new customers to online poker, and they pay us.

Everytime you wina pot of real money, the site "rakes" and small amount from the pot. This money is how the site makes money. The poker site then gives us a percentage of that money since, since it was our referral.

What we do is, to encourage you to join up through us, is kick back a majority of that money.

So we basically pay you real money to play online poker. We also help you improve your poker game by answering questions you pose in the forums - the more money you make, the more money us and you make! It's a win-win situation.

I urge you to check out our site. End plus. :)

So that's our profit mechanism for the site.

Anyway the site is more importantly there for the local Vancouver poker community as well. If you are from BC, I better see you post on my site!!

In mid November I moved up from $15/$30 limits to $30/$60. A site called Pacific Poker just opened up this high limit - I never really played Party's 30/60 since there is always a 60-80 person wait, so this gave me a good opportunity to try to jump to that level.


Only because I had done so well in the begining of November was I able to even play the 30/60 - I had the required 18k roll for it.

The first day of 30/60 I dropped a tidy little $2,500.

Welcome to 30fucking/60!

My jump up in limits seemed to concide with a bad run of cards, and I couldnt make any headway. I would win 1k then lose a K. The swings are so massive. $1,000 is gone in 10 minutes with only two big hands.

November 24 was a day I should have slept in, because I lost my largest amount ever in one day - $3,980! Think you had a rough day at work?

Fortunately, I was pretty mellow over these downswings.

I had such a large bankroll, that 4k was only about 20% of my roll.

Secondly, I was playing against poor players, I knew that I could beat the game... I just had some poor luck, combined with poor cards.

I finished the last week of November up 2k, which however a small amount for 30/60, was a good way to end.

The final total for November: +$5,776 online.

I want to point out what a difference EVEN a SINGLE day can make in your results. I won 3k in one day, which was over 50% of my profit for the month. However, if I didnt play the day I lost 4k, I would have been up 10k, not 5.7. Insane.

+$6,000 in real life. ~+11,776 for the month. Cant complain! See you guys in January, and dont forget to check out my site:

I especially would like comments on the overall site, even if you dont register for the forums.

If you guys could do me a HUGE favour, it would really help me out if you registed on the forums, and created only ONE thread and replied to ONE OTHER thread! Please help me get the site forum's rolling.

Also, please email me at with your comments on the site!

Thanks a lot for reading this and helping me with my site!

Will do...

Nice site.

Have posted one reply and will head back when I have more time.

Congrats on the tourney, sounded like you played well.

PR what's your email dude?

THanks for the report. I love readin this and congrats

Hey Mongrel - my personal email is

BTW, thanks guys for the replies. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that people actually maybe enjoy these reports a little bit. lol

Its good to get a realistic report of what professional poker playing is like. I hate the media spins on it, and the people I interview are doing their very best to impress me.

A mo-mo (shouldn't really call him that for ethical reasons but he wasted my afternoon and batteries on dictaphone) tried to convince me that he made £4000 a week playing online. The way this guy was dressed, I doubt he could even afford internet access.

The icing on the cake was that he hounded me for cash instead of accepting a cheque like everyone else - but yeah he makes £200,000 a year "more or less".

lol, that's hilarious crunion.

Thanks a lot for registering in the forums at Ant!! Really appreciate that.

congrats PR. i never play online so should i still sign up?

Yeah headcheese, it would be cool if you still signed up for my forums. We discuss live play as well.

i registered.

Thanks a lot HC! I look forward to seeing you post.

Anyone kno who RRioveckr is?

hey PR. since your clearly a wealthy online gamlber and I'm a poor college grad paying off his college debt. would you like to neteller me some money for my pokerstars account and I'll pay you 20% of my winnings plus initial investment if I can work my payroll up.

Heh, sorry Chris, I only bankroll my close friends.