Now can we get Roy vs Hunt?

With both coming off losses, the timing is perfect. We need to see this war. The battle of the behemoths. Phone Post 3.0

This fight makes a lot more sense now. I hope it happens.

Actually that would be a great fight. It would be nice to see someone finish Roy for a change.

IDK about cutting Roy. He's a great gatekeeper. Put him up against any chinny HW and you have KO of the night material right there. The UFC should love that shit. But any contender should beat him. And if they can't then they shouldn't be going for the belt anyway.

Unwariestpickle - I would like to see it. However, after tonight you won't see Roy back in the UFC
This Phone Post 3.0

Would be the fight they make if Roy resigns but my guess is you will be seeing Roy fight on Spike in the fall.

roy by sub in under a minute Phone Post 3.0

One of the few good things about Roy's loss. Assuming he resigns with the UFC, this fight now makes perfect sense.

"This is not the way you're going to go out!!!"

That was from Roy's corner. Phone Post 3.0

I'd like it when hunt is healthy after his toe and staph. Not sure Roy has good enough take downs honestly. Hunt seems a lot better at tdd lately. Phone Post

Hunt would destroy Nelson. It would be great.

"Hunt would destroy Nelson. It would be great."

You're a smart guy Albert Einstein, but I think this fight would be far from a pre-determined outcome. In fact, chaos theory dictates that this fight could land either competitor a chalk-up in the 'win' column!