Now I'm not gay, but.....

that's a good looking man

maybe it's the lay around his neck, or the hand he growing out of his bicep.


you're a little gay.

admit it.

does 1/8th count?


doesn't that feel better?

and yes, he is a handsome devil.


now c'mon.

takes a real man to look at a guy in a lei and admit that he's handsome.

my hat's off to Pilot. Respect!

Pilot is not gay. He just has terrific taste in men.

absolutely, great taste in men, not men taste great lets get that straight.

yeah, I'd hit it.

that's my man crush, Jake Shields

lol @ the thread title

"Pilot is not gay. He just has terrific taste in men"

lol,i dont,but theres nothing wrong with that

deinitely a handsome devil, but he's no Frank Trigg

Its Dean Lister, junior.....

I don't know, Frank's to short for me. His eyes are dreamy though, and those "risque" pics of him, oooh gah.

slowly backs away from thread

yeah, you mean slowly backing that thing up to the thread, culo!!!!

was that "ummmmmmm no" as in "uuuuummmmmm no don't stop" or "ummmmmm no" as in "lovemaking sounds"?

Pilot's not gay, but his boyfriend is.