now its a lock for Playoffs!!!

Pirates now garuanteed Playoff birthc-kendall - best all around catcher in the NL a few better defensively and a few with more power but none better all around!1b Simon/Wilson - should combine for about 30 hr's from 1st base2b Hill/Sanchez - Sanchez would be a lock and a 300 hitter but may not start season on time cause ankle surgery. but hill will be a very capable fill in and possibly could become the player he was projected to be.3b Stynes - steady at the plate 275 15 hr's and very good with the glovess - jack wilson getting better with bat could hit in the 280's and will challenge for a gold glove with in a year or so.lf Jason Bay 290+ hitter and 20-25 hr's and can run balls downcf redman great defensive outfield (but what CF's arent now a days!) but can hit 30 and have a 380+ obpRf Mondesi/Wilson mondesi should give them 25 hr's and a good arm in right. wilson will get some spot starts here as well as first base.

What part of that lineup makes you think "Playoffs, baby"?

Oh, and you missed one position - Pitcher.

Oh well, with Jack Wilson at the plate it don't matter who's on the mound, right?

If the Cubs, Cards, Astros, Giants, Dodgers, Phillies, Mets and Marlins all falter the Pirates should be right there :). Good luck!....Joe

Looks like the Cubs/Astros/Cards race will be fun. I'm actually beginning to like baseball again...

LOL @ the Pirates


i'll give you the cubs have a better team and the astros have a better team...but i honestly see one of those teams faltering.

and please stop with the Cardinals already. NO PITCHING!!! NONE!!! ZERO!!!! sure they have pujos and edmunds? who do they have after that??? tino martinez???come on....sure renteria is good but not anything special with the bat.

and i didn't list pitching because i didn't think i needed to i was giving you all the benefit of the doubt about seeing a very good if not almost great rotation. (admittedly behind cubs and astros - on paper!)

Kip Wells, Kris Benson, Josh Fogg, Perez, and Rick Reed make up a good rotation Plus if Sean Burnett has a strong spring watch out for him this year!

Renteria 330. 13 HR 100 RBI in 2003

Your right he can't hit.

Scott Rolen plays for them as well ( and he is healthy).

Dave Duncan is one the best Pitching coaches in the game.Im confident enough that they will get the job done.

Once again LOL @ the Pirates...Dude you know they are still in the rebuilding mode..Just face it.

kipp wells - kris benson - josh fogg - oliver perez - jason kendall - randall simon - craig wilson - jack wilson - chris stynes - jason bay - tike redman - rual mondesi -

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