Now Jones says his time off WASNT due to money

Roid suspension confirmed

Can’t be ready when you are suspended.


This guy is so sociopathically fucked in the head, he thinks he’s gonna Jedi Mind Trick mma fanbase? Jesus the time off did nothing for him, but find another way to dope and delusion himself further. This is the first time I’m thinking he may lose this fight.


I dunno. Works for mainstream media.


If he was suspended due to roids, wouldnt we know?

USADA stopped announcing the failed tests about the same time that Jones started his time off. So no we won’t know who fails anymore.


ok but to be fair, the reason why they stopped announcing the failed tests was because they fucked jon jones over, they admitted that they were wrong and he never intentionally cheated. That’s why they decided to stop announcing

But also, they will announce after the case is resolved, and i don’t think it takes 3 years to resolve a case (let’s say for arguments sake that jones failed a test in feb 2020, that was 3 years ago)

allegedly suspension for massive east german drugs

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If he’s telling the truth it means he was scared to fight Ngannou and used money as an excuse while he spent 2 years bulking up.

Remember, the ufc doesnt cater to us anymore, and hasnt for at least a decade.
They cater to the Buffalo wild wings crowd.
The same ones who gobbled up all the headlines for the past several years.


Jones was the first fighter to actually have enough money to lawyer up and push back against the commissions and UFC.

He absolutely got suspended and Jiri is also serving out a suspension. Most of these guys still use PEDs



Let us whisper of this thing called USADA and let’s imagine where the resolution was to change the threshold of what a failed test were to mean and then let’s imagine that the 2020 failed test was “resolved”.