Now Sprewell wants out...

Nov 2 Latrell Sprewell stood by his controversial trade demands on Tuesday, but indicated he'll continue to play hard for the Timberwolves when he is on the court. On Monday, Sprewell demanded a trade if he didn't get a contract extension by Wednesday. According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Wolves are offering Sprewell a three-year, $27-million extension, but Sprewell reportedly won't settle for less than his current salary of just over $14 million per year. "If they don't want to sign me, I want to go somewhere else," Sprewell told the Pioneer Press. "Why would I want to help [the Timberwolves] win a title? They're not doing anything for me. I've got a lot at risk here. I've got my family to feed." He told the Pioneer Press on Monday that he is not threatening to leave the team and that he would not refuse to play without the new deal.

"the Wolves are offering Sprewell... $27-million"

"They're not doing anything for me."

"Sprewell reportedly won't settle for less than his current salary of just over $14 million per year."

"I've got my family to feed"

His family must be really hungry...

""Why would I want to help [the Timberwolves] win a title?"

It's your job moron!

"They're not doing anything for me."

They're paying him over $14,000,000 a year!!!

What's wrong with these guys?

You would think that at some point x number of millions would be enough. I'd think the goal would be to make more than enough $ and then focus solely on winning a championship. I guess it's just business for some.

can we setup a paypal account for him or something? I feel really bad for his hungry family.

I think Spree pays 5 million a year in child support, possibly just to one of his babys' mammas.

They should drop him. He's not worth 9 million a year if you ask me, let alone 14. There are a zillion good shooting guards out there.

Seriously..As a Knick fan, I'm reminded of why I don't miss Spree that much.

i feel bad for Sprea Poor guy cant feed his familly

Tough spot for the Wolves. Spree isn't worth that type of money, but then again the Wolves weren't going anywhere before him and Sam I am showed up. Both guys now want to get rewarded for the Wolves success. It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.

It's all about respect yo!

Sprea is over pricing himself