Now that royce is getting Huge!

can he Put up a fight with Silva after he gains more muscle.


that would be good story line.....and royce lived hapily ever after

ahh no one believes in Royce anymore He only has one MMA loss
to an unorthodox fighter and that took 90 minutes.Im not with you guys on this one I think he'd get mount or the back and ground and pound Silva for the win!After that you guys will be like I want to be like Royce again.

Does Royce have more fights on his contract with Pride?

Royce wouldn't last a minute with Silva.

Shouldn't that be spelled "ruge"?

Who choked out Royce besides Wallid?

Silva would ruin Royce's career. This isnt UFC 1-4 where Royce fought one dimensional kickboxers and karate guys, c'mon!

What do you mean getting "huge?" What is he like 177 now or something?


I don't think he has been that weight since UFC 1. He's like 190 or 195 now

"What do you mean getting "huge?" What is he like 177 now or something?"

silva would beat royce easily

Shouldn't that be spelled "ruge"? " lol

is he on the roids or something? I haven't seen any recent pictures - is he putting on size? Fighting up in wait? Any recent photos?

Royce would have a shot to finish Silva if the fight hit the ground, but I just cannot see Vanderlei letting that happen. This fight could get ugly.