Now That Was A Blast

My head is pounding and the old lady is not talking to me but damn it was worth it.

Got off of work at 6 a.m. Sunday morning and crashed in my van at the airport for a couple hours waiting for Josh's plane. Picked his ass up and took him to a great breakfast joint called the "Broken Egg" in Ann Arbor. Had a little time to blow after that so I showed him around a bit and dropped my house.

From there it was down to the Metro Fight Club where Jessey went over some leg lock series with Josh prior to the seminar. The seminar itself was potent lasting three hours or so. Josh is a good teacher and conveyed the techniques to the attendees clearly.
Great freakin' stuff.

After Josh did randori with Dave Garcia, Jessey and Johnny Bouchard.

After that is off to honky tonks til after midnight. What a freakin' blast that was, holy shit! Another classic. Last I saw of Josh he and Jessey were blasting down Michigan Avenue in a Mustang. Hope he made his flight out of the D this morning at 10, lol.

Big thank you to all the droogies that were in attendeance, i.e. Quincy "Crazy Horse" Rice, Bad Brad Burrick, Don "Bear" Richard DR1, Fred Bell (Kai), Jessey & Johnny, Gary "toe" Wood, Senor Slam Garcia, Matt "Schoolboy" Markowicz, Robert "Rhino Strong" Verdell (nowaydo), Matt "The Jackal" Jubera, Jon "Bulldog" Travis, Big Tony & Little Tony, Eric, etc. etc. etc.

btw, I phone my old lady at about noon yesterday just before the seminar and told her Josh was going to be staying in the spare bedroom for a couple of weeks. She said, "YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN' MIND", and hung up on me. She did not call me the rest of the day, LMAO!

Oh yeah, and congrats to Josh for nailing down the silver @ 81kg at the midwesterns held in Chicago Saturday!

awesome time!

Walter - thanks for hosting Josh's clinic. It was great to see everyone again. Josh was awesome.


Hell yeah, thanks. "usaclown" is very cute also, lol.

First thing I saw when I walked in the house last night was my pillow in the hallway.

Your pillow seems to be in the hallway alot. lol

lol @ pet and cute names!


Ummmmmmmm - (thinking about taking away all guy cards from guys
who's pillows are ever found in the hall way or couch - unless it is by
your choice). No way dudes - just stand up and say "Hey!!!!!!! woman, I
am the big dog and the big dog sleeps where ever he (pivital word)
wants. Right now I feel like sleeping in the hallway, so go make me a


'Ain't no party like a droogie party, 'cause a droogie party don't stop. Awesome seminar, awesome meal, awesome time at the bar (from what I remember).

Yeah buddy I was pissed when I saw the pillow in the hallway because I was horny as hell ready to kick the the stall all night.

Damn Walt she gave you the ol' pillow in the hallway?Bummer.Thanks again for the great time guys.

Damn Walt, well can you at least say that having a monster like Josh down to train with us is worth a night on the couch?

I can't say enough about how cool Josh is. I mean, here's someone who can bomb most people straight out, Gi or No Gi and has a damn good ground game to boot. Someone who's at the Olympic level, but he's humble and doesn't carry that ego that some champs have. Was never trying to show off, was never talking down people and took time to correct even the newest of peeps that were there.

The pickups he was showing us were simply awesome. Took me a while to learn the side-bend roll that makes you feel like you're dumping yourself on your head but... Learning that was pivotal.

The guardpass he showed us when I first rolled in there was great, I already used it training tonight. Then the throws, all Kata Garuma basically, but a ton of ways of hitting it and finishing it. Awesome stuff.

Thanks Walt and Joshua for putting the seminar on, it was a damn great time and it was good to see almost all of the droogs back together and training together.

"After Josh did randori with Dave Garcia, Jessey and Johnny Bouchard."

details! We want details! (runs to fridge to grab some food)

i got my ass handed to me by those fellas in randori. honestly i didnt throw any of them and they all pushed me around like a rag doll. tough bastards with some honestly good wall to wall judo. =) thank god the walls are padded. =)

sorry about the pillow in the hallway walt. i more or less knew it was gonna happen, but i still feel bad about it.

and, guys, im glad that all of you seemed to enjoy it and picked-up a thing or two. if any of you ever have any questions on any of it just let me know. i had an absolutle blast in detroit and i can promise that someday ill be coming back.

clown-- the nicknames are cool.. its an artform that has been lost in American sport and should be brought back.

"honestly good wall to wall judo. =)"

LOL..At the fight club, walls are just vertical floors.

I didnt participate much because of my back (which actually feels good but the idea of the lifts and falls made me cringe) but I picked up alot of stuff by watching..Thanks man!

ive already got my nickname(s) thanks. barnes is rather skilled at the nickname stuff as well. he gave me one a number of years ago.. Dreamweaver.. dreams for short.

Josh and the fellas looked like a bunch of pitbulls thrown together in a pit. I cut the randori short because the bright lights were beckoning.

Josh is being humble, he gave as good as he got. And I for one didn't put him into the walls, Jessey however, seemed to get some sick pleasure out of it (no surprise).