Now this is a fight


Got that right. Thank God for the LW's

Yeah well the loser gets deported.

Yeah, not surprised they chose this one to show us of the prelims

LOL @ Cyborgasm.

Like Jason Hornbuckle said on another threaed, it makes a difference when both fighters want to fight.

This isn't a prelim.

good fight show far

Not a prelim. Great fight so far.


 great back and forth action

Not a prelim? Oh my fault. Well thankfully so. These guys are throwing

damn these mofos are scrappin'!!!!

may not be the most tectnical fight but its pretty damn exciting

shoulda been stopped, but i prefer when they let it go


Both of these guys need to be brought back.

Good for Huerta. That was entertaining. Makes me feel good about
spending my money

Great fight and he's actually drinking the Xyience.

great fight! garcia is a tough dude!