now THIS is being caught sleeping (Texans)


"People still have their backs turned to us," said Mario Williams, their 6-foot-6 283-pound defensive behemoth. "So it's time to establish ourselves as a great team."

Maybe that's true but to be a great team you have to pay attention. For example, it's one thing to get fooled by an opponent on a fake punt. It's quite another thing to get fooled on a fake punt when there's no punter on the field.

In the first quarter yesterday, the Jaguars lined up on what seemed like a routine fourth down punt play. But instead of punter Adam Podlesh, fullback Montell Owens took the snap and ran 41 yards for a touchdown.

 That was completely fucking ridiculous. Kubiak's a solid HC and I hope he improves his game management with experience because that is completely fucking ridiculous.

Last week against TENN there was a pass the Titans got on 3rd down that was clearly incomplete and he didn't throw the challenge flag putting them ahead and completely changing the Texans gameplan the rest of the way after they scored soon after (that was also a questionable call). This week they didn't even field a punter and he thought it wise not to call a timeout?!?!?! Its the little mistakes like these that cost your team football games Kubes!!!

 oh dear....TRJ needs to put the smack down in H-Town.

The Texans Franchise has been sleeping since 2002.