Now We Know Why Godzilla Retired


moving to tuf forum in 3....2....1



i will have to lol @ anything his ug spin control team says from this point on

"i made a fool of myself..." - gabe

"waste of life"? Because he didn't make weight? More than just a bit harsh.

It is by far the most devastating, widely viewed, dick tuck the Underground will ever see.

Yes, I watched the episode, and I thought Gabe got his comeuppance. He totally deserved to get thrown off the show. What goes around comes around, and it came around big for Gabe. But saying he deserved to get the boot, or even that he was a total jackass, is a far cry from saying that he is a "waste of life". No human being is a "waste of life", and certainly not Gabe Ruediger for failing to make weight.

I agree with Spoxjox. Gabe got what he deserved and all that, but expressions like "waste of life" are a bit over the top.