Nowonder kids r pussies these days

This chick needs beat on

I didn't feel the need to read the whole thing.

lol @ this"The
daily physical activity remains, but standard P.E.
equipment-volleyball nets, basketballs and other team sport
necessities-have been replaced with VCR's and large-screen
televisions (for showing aerobic tapes), heart monitors, weights
and floor slides (where students can slide in the motion of speed
skaters on a film-like floor covering)."

PE...Physical Education

athletics...something athletes do.

When I was coming up most people were naturally thin.
They ate but were always doing something. Nowadays,
people will eat then sit in front of a tv, computer, a
video game, anything but do something.
Look back at the 60s and 70s...everybody was pretty much thin. Now...well, you have padding for everything and you get a scratch and it's off to the doctors office and 2days rest.

No wonder kids r pussies these days.

Dodge ball and rough-housing with friends and siblings were rights of passage. Now you are told to keep your hands to yourself.

Physical Education has been under the gun for years, so they are making changes in order to keep it around. When schools cut programs, PE is often the first to go. They are developing programs that benefit each person, which did not happen in the past. Those who want to play sports can still play sports, they just may not be doing it in PE.


dodgeball and trench variations, capture the flag...bringing it back to the old school