NSA - Russia DOES NOT have Snowden's Files

Eat crow all you arm chair computer security and intelligence experts, not to mention government plant/shills who were so convinced that Snowden handed over his files to the Russians/Chinese how it was 100% guaranteed they had them. Even the NSA does not think they do.....


In one case, for instance, the files contain information about a program run from a NATO country against Russia that provides valuable intelligence for the U.S. Air Force and Navy, said one U.S. official, who requested anonymity to discuss an ongoing criminal investigation. Snowden faces theft and espionage charges.

“If the Russians knew about it, it wouldn’t be hard for them to take appropriate measures to put a stop to it,” the official said

This was obvious to anyone with a brain, but that official just fucked Snowden. Perhaps intentionally.

I thought he was deliberately keeping it with only 2 people?

Himself and the American/Brazilian reporter? And they had it all on "zip" and locker storage for release incase something happened to either one of them?

I also understood he is drip feeding info for maximum exposure so it doesn't all just disappear in a months tome like what happened to Manning (Because it was released all at once and most of it never received public light). Phone Post

The idea behind releasing it "bit by bit" is also to give the authorities "enough rope to hang themselves with". And also to avoid accusations of them being reckless with the info. Greenwald, the main journalist behind the story, is no fool.


There's no way the US ogvernment can stop these slow leaks form happening? They gotta have an idea by now of who they have to threaten with life-altering force.

TheParrot - This was obvious to anyone with a brain, but that official just fucked Snowden. Perhaps intentionally.


Who says he didn't offer it up to Russia for asylum? Or who says anyone believes he's actually keeping that data on him or where he can easily access?