NSAC Rejects Anthony Johnson’s Appeal


damn shame, especially on the grounds of their reason being "the appeal was rejected due to lack of remedy"...i see the fight being ruled a NC being quite a fine remedy... was this posted already ?

That sucks,, but i guess in the end the important people (Joe Silva and Dana White) know the truth of what happened.

Johnson should have no problem getting more fights in the UFC.

 Sure sounds like an NC would be an acceptable remedy to me.

 Terrible decision.....pukeworthy actually -

TheLurKing - Smoking weed= no contest

Getting poked in the eye so bad that you can't continue = legit win


They can easily turn this shit around...but its all about money money money..cause they sportsbooks paid out or cashed in with the result.

They wont even hear him out if you look at the last two agendas for the meetings Johnson couldnt even get a chance to speak and argue a case that has VIDEO evidence and admission of error from the ref.

The commission here is dropping the ball and is proving a bad example of their authority. The right thing to do is to go to the cards or No contest. But you cant reward someone for a illegal tactic.

I know its early in Johnson career and hopefully he moves forward from this, but this has to cost him some money in the future cause stats are a vital part of negotiations and story lines and to lose by TKO eye poke . simply stupid

This sucks for MMA and particularly Johnson

The ref in "Never Back Down" was much better than Mazzagatti.

He gave the win to McCarthy, then looked, saw the opponent was gouged, then DQd him.


 That's a sad decision the NSAC made.  They lost credibility.

what a load of shit!? i thought for sure after the fight that it would be overturned just based on common sense, seein that AJ clearly got poked in the eye. tha NSAC apparently dont have any common sense, what a fuckin shame for him to get robbed like that. FUCK OFF NSAC

Horseshit. If i was Johnson I would be pissed everytime they anounced my name with that extra bullshit loss on it.

Eye pokes are establishing themselves as an effective strategy, a single good eyepoke results in a warning, but with practice 1 eye poke is enough to win you a fight

*reference Chuck Liddell

piece of shit

they had no regulatory authority to do what he wanted. Just like in California with Sak/Royce. Royce juiced but they didn't have authority to overturn the decision or even call it NC. Nothing to do with being a bad decision. They had no choice.

This is total BS.

 Boo, wtf Kizer....speak on this!