NSAC wtf?

These board room pole smokers will sanction Holyfield, Barkley, Moorer, and they are worried about Dana.

2007, Dana White is  most fit  to fight of the group.

if intent to hurt was the reason for NSAC's involvement, I'm surprised virgil hill or chris bryd ever had to be sanctioned...

but they were familiar with those fighters. They aren't familiar with Dana and his skill and health level.

I will not go that far, but what is up with NSAC? This is stupid about it being sanctioned. Who do they think they are. The ALL seeing, ALL saying, ALL impowered. They just go to far.... Need to be in a state that does not care... All comes down to the money....

wonder what the meetings sounded like when they sanctioned Chyna against Joey Buttafuco...


Why would Avasino  not sanction a 0-0 boxer against a 0-0 boxer?


Props to Dana.  At 37 he appeared to seriously train for the fight and made a solid effort.  Moral victory anyways.

I understand your point Odessa, but it is the commissions responsibility to look at every situation uniquely.

Tito is a prime world class fighter who has trained for years and boxing /striking the last few years.

DANA WHITE is a 37 yr old untested fighter with no record or any fights to form an opinion on his skill and fitness.

Looking at it now, its a wonder this issue wasnt broght up by anyone sooner.

yea all of those suits look like a bunch of gay fucktards. the dollars...its all about the fuckin dollars

"All comes down to the money...."


*adds sarcasm to initial post*


I wonder how long Dana would last with Chuck?

Would never happen.....they have a pact