Nucks call up Fedorov

Due to Naslund's injury?



I have a feeling steve moore will be recieving a visit from Brookbank on march 3 when the avs and canucks play again

They do not seem to pleased with what happened to naslund

Yes we called him up because we've been devestated by injuries.

I just hope he does well, the guy has sick skills i'd love to see him stay.

I saw a bit of him against the oilers on Sat. Did they end up giving him that goal?


Didn't show that much in the game. He looks like he could be dangerous but the Oilers weren't giving him a lot of room and were knocking him off the puck pretty good. Will be interesting to see if Crawford will let him stick and I though Chubarov should have got credit for the goal but who knows. When he tells the kids it will be top shelf anyways.

He makes Bert look like an oaf on skates,but so far,has all the tools,but no fucking toolbox.looks good tonight though

If brookbank does something stupid, I have a feeling that Worrell, McCallister, and Cummings will have their way with him

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!...that is some dumb,funny shit

They gave the goal to Chewie.