Nuggets should get Adelman

I still feel that Kark is one of the most overrated terrible coaches in the league, and once again, as always, has found a way to screw his players over by throwing them under the bus to the media.

It never fails, wherever he goes, the players will end up hating his guts.

To me the perfect fit for the Nuggets is Rick Adelman. He's a guy who can manage a high-flying offensive juggernaut, but most importantly, has proven that he can handle the problem personalities in the league. I mean, he got Artest and Wells to play hard and play together for him. Wells has been benched in the playoffs by Fratello and Van Gundy, but somehow Adelman was able to get through to him. For me, Adelman handles personalities as well as anyone in the league.

There's no better coach to handle Melo, AI and the other clowns like Kenyon Martin and JR Smith.

If 303 is smart, he'll rally the other Nuggets fans into a 'fire Karl' campaign and start a 'hire Adelman' campaign.

303 where you at?

kanatoa, you're forgetting Karl's biggest flaw:

eventually, everyone of his players will hate his guts.

because he throws them under the bus for public ridicule at every occasion.

Already, Kenyon, Evans, and now JR Smith are in the anti-Karl camp.

Nobody hates Adelman.

Adelman to the Mavs!

I remember 303 saying his team had a shot to win a title this year. I wish I could find it. What a joke.

303 has retreated back to the NFL forum like usual.

Karl is such a douche. Melo, Kenyon, Evans, and AI (well the old AI) deserve him.

Yea how dare I say my team has a shot to win. God what am I fan. I guess I should just never root for my team or think that they have a shot. You know I think I might just talk shit about every other person who thinks their team will win. Cause hey, only one team will win so only the winning teams fans can talk shit.

But dude, you're hard core always saying Broncos and Nuggets will win it all. I've followed those posts for years. You're a homer.

You can be a fan of a team but be realistic. You can still enjoy your team.

NO ONE in their right mind thought Nuggets would win dick this year.

And your attitude is always so "I'm right, deal with it". But you're ALWAYS wrong. Your prediction stands at 0%.

ok so last year I'm sure you thought the spurs would go all the way but they didn't so last year you were 0%.

So you must be a homer cause you thought your team would win it all and they didn't. I also never said they would win it all I said they would be dangerous, and that their defense was improving. Wow that must have meant they are going to win it all.
As for my I'm right deal with it attitude yea I do think I'm right. I bet you think you are right, otherwise why would I give my opinion if I thought I was wrong. Thats what people do, they give their opinion thinking it is right, then other people give theirs thinking they are right. In the end I have been wrong so have you thats what makes it fun. Cause one day we will look like geniuses and the next like retards.

There are only 3-4 teams each year who really have a shot at the title. Denver has never fit into that category. That's all i'm saying. My team DID have a shot last year. They were one stupid Ginobili foul from going to Phoenix in the WCF, where we always have had great success. They had no Amare, we get into the Finals and buttfuck the Heat.

I may have been wrong last year, but I've at least been right 3 times. And my team has been a contender for at least the last 8 years. I REAL contender.


what do you think of my Adelman for Karl idea?

lol congrats you have been right 3 times you are the smartest person in the world.
I don't care how many times you have been right that doesn't matter I'm not competing with you. Denver has never fit into that category but they are getting better so yea I'm gonna think they are good and have a shot. So what I never said I was going to be unbiased thats the beauty of sports I don't have to be I can cheer for my team and think they have a shot every year, even if they don't. I knew they wouldn't win it all this year I never said that. I thought they would be dangerous and have a shot next year.

so 303,

are you happy with Karl as your coach for next year to get you over the hump, or would Adelman or even Carlisle be a step up in your opinion?

You're right, you can spew all your homer shit all over these boards.

In turn, I can do what I did in this thread and laugh at you and call you out.

I win. :)

damn it

lol call me out you did nothing but prove that if anyone has a different opinion from you they must just be spewing homer opinions and can't possibly be right because you don't agree.

Don't really know about the coaching situation right now. I do know that if karl stays and we have a similar year next year he is gone.

Did you start smoking crack 303?