YES!!! nuggs are IN!!!

great story for this team and melo. who wants to face the nuggs in the first round, really? maybe play two games on the road in denver with that altitude?

go nuggs! go melo!


Melo for ROY!!!

I think Melo, now, may pull it off. Sport writers vote on it, not fans.

*edits prediction*

Marcus Camby went off! 21 boards and 5 blocks

Yeah, he's a fuckin cocksucker, all I saw were highlights and two of those blocks were fouls, and he should have been T'd up for barking at Christie after one of them!!!!!!!! lol

I hate Camby too(future Rocket :(

But he did have an awesome game.

lol, true

I think LeBrons numbers are better, personally. Lebron's numbers are almost the same in all areas, but he averages more than twice as many assists per game as Carmelo.

good points by everyone above RE: ROY race... it will be a really tough call.

I just read that melo had a migraine for basically the whole game and played through it! take that pippen. and francis too?

damn man...