Number 702

You are worried. Listen: happen what may in your interior life or in the world that surrounds you, never forget that the importance of events or of people is very relative. Take things calmly; let time pass; and then, as you view persons and happenings dispassionately and from afar, you will acquire the perspective that will enable you to see each thing in its proper place and in its true size.

If you do this, you will be more objective and you will spare yourself many causes of anxiety.

Thanks Kolbe,

I meditated on this during my sons nap this morning. It is very true and calming. Btw that site is great, and it is now bookmarked. I skimmed threw the table of contents of the way, and it looks wonderful.

Glad you liked it...I have three of his works bound into one book...I read it every night.

Sounds like some Buddhist teachings. Great stuff!