Nurmagomedov getting destroyed!!!

Khabib Nurmagomedov tough sparring..this guy going to make waves in UFC when he joins!

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Ha! That little guy has some decent skills. Would probably be top 25 at 75 lbs.

Haha awesome. Kid has skills. I like how Khabib didn't go rough, but made it competitive for him. Kid will be a beast when he grows up.

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haha that's awesome!!!

That was awesom Phone Post 3.0

Khabib and that kid are badass.

Lets see him vs Manhoef's kid in the UFC kid division.

TUF Kids season right around the corner and you can pre-order your TUF KIDS coffee mugs on Walmart's site now!

Loved that

Well there you have it boys and girls, he can't stop the single leg. Exposed son Phone Post 3.0

Diego and José Aldo

I think the kid is ready for that bear fight. Book it.