Nutritionists please offer advice

I would just like your opinion on my supplementation program. Keep in mind I lift weights 3X a week, box 2X and train BJJ 2X. I am 25 y/o, 6'1'' 194 lbs. I maintain flexability and overall health by practicing yoga and other meditative routines several times a week. I just came up tith this myself and would like feedback from people more familiar with nutrition them myself.

1. I wake up and take Ginseng on empty stomach (says to). Take my shower and down a serving of Light Force Greens.

2. Then I eat a cup of oatmeal (real kind, not flavored or instant), one scoop of Designer Protien with 5gm glutamine and 4 boiled eggs, just one yolk. With breakfast I take my pills. A very high quality multi with an extra tablet of 500mg of C. I also take anti-oxidants in capsule form and lastly, Glucosomine-Chondroitan with MSM.

3. Immedeately after I workout I eat a protein bar with 30 gm. I eat a full mean about an hour after.

4. Before bed I take (on weight training days) Somnabol-pm, and on boxing or BJJ days I take 2 scoops Designer Protien mixed with 5gm glutamine.

Now to fill in the blanks, during the day I eat about 3 clean meals with 40gm protien, 80 carbs and 15 fat.

My goal is to gain strength (duh!) and go up to 205. Then I want to diet down to 193-7 at about 8-10% bf.

Lastly, I am adding creatine into the mix. I've heard take 5gm before working out, i've heard take it in the a.m., i've heard load/not load! Whats the deal? When/how much creatine do I take?

If you took the time to read this and are willing to post a response than thank you very much for you time!!


Take a protein shake instead of the bars. get straight protein powder.

Take creatine after workouts, not before.

Mike Mahler


What do you think of the rest of my routine? And how much creatine, 5gm before I workout?

AThanks man - Adam

take 5 grams of creatine after your workout and another 5 grams with tea in the morning. Make sure to take the creatine with warm-hot water for maximum absorption.

Mike Mahler

At first glance, everything looks pretty solid. What does your strength-training look like?

I'd agree w/ Mike though and dump that protein bar.