Nv40 review


If you're looking into buying a new card hold off for a few weeks. I can't wait to see the new x800xt reviewed.

looks promising. Of course it would be somewhat foolish to buy it before the ATI release.

Tsuneo is CORRECT

and the fact that techtv 9screensavers) hada review and it only beat the 9800XT but like 15 points or so doesnt look all that good since it has 16 pipes

owell, time well tell

I think nVidia has this round in the bag, but we will se in a few weeks.

15 points? This card has twice the effective bandwidth of the 9800xt. It's not really fair to compare this card to the 9800xt, however, because this is a next gen card. I still have faith in the upcoming x800xt by ati being the better card but the only thing that may be better on the nv40 is ps3.0 support which the ati doesn't have.