NWA-TNA Death Watch!

I say they go under by Fall of next year! They pull about 650 a week at the Fairgrounds, but have to COMP 75 PERCENT OF THE AUDIENCE. They can't draw a profit local, so they decide to go this route? Unbelievable:

Courtesy Wrestling Observer

"At this point, it seems like that TNA will buy a weekly timeslot on WGN for an estimated $50,000 a week. The plan is to begin airing their weekly WGN show in mid-January.

This is a huge risk for TNA which by all indications is losing money right now. It is estimated that they are doing between 8,200 and 12,500 buys per week. TNA pockets about $4.20 of the $9.95 PPV price, resulting in roughly $43,000 per week. The cost of running a TNA PPV is roughly $85,000 per week. They also make about $5,000 from their gate, but obviously they are in the red.

However, the general feeling is that for TNA to ever become a success, it will need to have free TV to stimulate weekly PPV buys.

The discussed timeslot right now is 10AM ET on Saturday mornings, which would be horrible for them. WGN is also not proven as a national network like other channels of its kind are (TBS). WGN does air nationally for the most part, but does not promote nationally, thus making it a glorified Chicago channel.

TNA is hoping that they will be able to do a good rating on WGN which would put them in a position to get a better TV deal. Of course, they could lose a significant portion of their money on this risk.

The plan is to do an upgraded Xplosion show for WGN. The show would be similar to the current Xplosion but feature one main event level match."

They need some backing. I really hope they can pull it off.

Part of the deal to buy WCW included a clause that TBS can not show professional wrestling w/out approval from WWE. Vince didn't want Turner trying to start a new fed.