NXT Rebrand Looks Familiar

Just skimmed this show on fast forward. Damn, this is not the show for me. Looks like shit and makes all of the wrestlers look bad too. Horrible skits reminiscent of YouTube comedy production from 10+ years ago. USA can’t be happy with this rebranding. Maybe it was always this terrible

The production and lighting looked really good. The new logo and graphics are good.

Kinda cool to see new talent. But whoever makes up the names in WWE should be fired. Bron Breakker?? Despite the shitty name Steiner looked pretty good. Glad he is getting TV time.

The replacement guy in the main event was not ready for the main event. Or the midcard.

Ciampa did look old compared to everyone else but he is as good as it gets in the ring. Makes me miss him and Gargano as a tag team.

The wedding was what it was. Gargano made it somewhat mildly entertaining, while Austin Theory (I thought he was fired) had good comedic timing.

Not much of an improvement. It did show some holes that NXT 1.0 had. But that could have been fixed without a reboot.

I’m surprised Vince didn’t debut some evil cardiac surgeon character that intentionally botched HHHs surgery. I was waiting for an Isaac Yankem, DMD female knockoff since Cole is gone now.

Bay Bay!

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Bronson looks like a million bucks but jesus that name has got to go. Nothing says we have no idea what we’re going to do with a wrestler more than giving him a shitty early 90s WWF name.


I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge Ciampa fan and am glad he got Goldie back. He shoulda had another run a loooooong time ago.
But considering how he’s been booked to lose literally almost EVERY feud & big match he’s been involved in since War Games 2019, and given the new direction NXT is going, I in no way have faith they’ll treat him right.

Who the hell is booking this crap? You have LA Knight (terrible name), who is already booked in the main event, open the show for no reason against Rick Steiner’s son (no mention of this) and lose. Then replacing KOR with some green caveman that nobody knows. Why not Bron Breaker (terrible name, again)? That would kind of make sense since he just beat the guy with an arena football team name. I feel bad for Joe.

Not to mention the Bruce Pritchard special of having a match… that ends in DQ to immediately do another match with one more person (singles to tag or tag to trios)…

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Bron Breakker…I don’t even know where to start with that name. He has a great look, seemed ok in the ring and you saddle him with that name…He even seems to be sorta playing his dad’s gimmick and you don’t mention he is a Steiner.

Oh, and did LA Knight fuck someone’s wife or something…that dude came in, got a horrible name, lost right off the bad and is now jobbing to a guy who is having his first match.


He actually lost (as in got pinned) TWICE that night - he’s who Ciampa pinned to win the belt.

Man…I don’t watch NXT but checked out Steiner’s kid on youtube so I didn’t see the other loss. Yeah, then someone really hates LA Knight.