NY AG files Civil Suit against Trump, his kids, Trump Org

This is the same bitch that said, “i gonna get Trump”. Basically saying i dont know of a crime he committed but ill find one.


A bitch hunt IMO

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So he pulls out of NY and the lawsuit goes away?

How and why?

And what of the other lawsuits and continued FBI scrutiny?

He pulls out of NY and those go away too?

who says he can’t leave? in fact, agreement to cease operations (or ceasing operations in a state) are common settlement negotiations for shady businesses like trump’s.

totally up to him how he might want to negotiate a settlement.

The witch hunt continues

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Again…any day now…walls are finally closing in…fucking yawn!!

A good chunk of his portfolio is based in NYC.

Also, he cannot just relocate his company when it is facing a lawsuit from NY State and a criminal case from the Manhattan DA.

If he loses his business certs. in NY, then yeah he will have to either sell his business (including Trump Tower) or move it out of NY.

NYAG seems intent on taking this to trial so unless a settlement is reached where she gets literally everything she wants, it is unlikely she would entertain one.

and she would not be so intent on taking it to trial if she weren’t confident of victory.

She has zero banks on her side with her. Lol at going to trial.

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Banks were happy to take bloated valuations since that meant getting more back w/ interest and the loans are not delinquent.

Are they complicit in the fraud?

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TDS still running rampant these days.

Shit is too laughable. Maybe they will get something to stick with all the shit they throw against the wall.


AG James will at least have a favorable jury on her side


Same song different dance. What’s the record of these idiots against Trump? Since you guys sure love throwing the election court case numbers around.

Biden vs Biden lol

anybody who thinks this is going anywhere is a fucking retard.

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They’re really, absolutely, positively gonna get him this time.

I just know it.


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