NY Congressman pushing for Sec. of Trans, Buttigieg, to waive CLD requirement for school bus drivers

So they have three trainees per truck…with no trainer? Three non-cdl holding trainees driving without having anyone with a valid class a license in the truck? Am I reading that right?

Around these parts we steer clear of Swift trucks :rofl:

no, they teach them how to pass the test while they are at the facility, often, 1-2 weeks of that kind of training. They hold CDLs.

I did a 6 week technical institute course. 4 hours of driving and critque on other students and 4 hours of backing a day once we got out of the class room and off the training seat which was only the first week. I learned manual, that doesn’t happen at these places. Everything is automatic now and extremely limited from what I hear, they are not even allowed manually shift gears.

all of them drive the newish frieghtliners, it’s flappy paddle with a manual mode that you can toggle. They dont even get that.

keep in mind, CR is literally the worst company to start with. Werner isn’t even that bad.

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