NY has trumps tax returns

They have him now!

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This bet was most certainly about charges though, right?

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2 separate cases. Pay up bro

I have no dog in the fight and just read the thread quickly. But it has to be criminal charges

I can file a lawsuit against trump. And so can whoever bet on the side of “charges”. It has to be criminal only


Yea. You and I have the same info, because the only bet discussion was the one visible in the thread. Seems he bumped it thinking the lawsuit was good news for him. I tend to argue the opposite.

oh yeah idk what the bet was, just commenting about things in general


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This isn’t true. The DA field a lawsuit and did not file charges. No question you would file charges first, for several reasons.

yeah, you are mistaken. you should look into it.

So how much time did trump get? PSL said this is it.

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The Attorney General sends a case to the District Attorney to decide on charges?

in this case yes, the AG turned over the results of her investigation to the DA for him to consider in his separate parallel criminal investigation. maybe you remember earlier this year when the DA stopped presenting evidence to the grand jury and several attorneys resigned over it? iirc one even put out a letter saying he believed there was sufficient evidence for criminal charges to be filed.

so in the case of this AG investigation - it was never going to result in the AG announcing criminal charges.

My original bet in case it got buried

"AlphaSlap -

I will put $300 that he is either fined in the 9 figures or gets jail time.

Anybody game? "

So I was betting either a $100M fine or jail time for DJT

The $100M is looking more likely

If the fine gets reduced to under 100M does it become a push?

Are odds given if someone takes the bet on the stipulation that the new York offices end up paying trump?

No, I will pay Scrapdo if the fine is under 9 figures.

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There would need to be charges for a fine. There aren’t any and they probably aren’t coming related to his tax returns.
We should have put a time frame on this, it’s getting ridiculous waiting years for the “all clear” that the left will never allow to come.

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Wont be long now lmao

just an FYI but the IRS has trumps tax returns, and has had them every year he has filed them