NY Supreme Court rules Project Veritas as a media organization equal to NY Times

Breaking: NY Supreme Court rules Project Veritas as a media organization on the same plane as the NY Times.


They should take Twitter to court immediately.


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Project Veritas has 10x the credibility of NYT.

Insult to put NYT in the same sentence.

Fuck NYT.


Agreed. Its an insult to Project Veritas.

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They should sue for defamation.

Imagine being compared to a far left propaganda organ like the New York Times…

Whats the significance of the decision? Does it have something to do w the recent raid the fbi performed on them?

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There is a huge significance for the future of the free press in this country.

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I thought they were?

This is a massive legal precedent which was just set. I don’t think people understand how big this is yet. This is a enormous blow to propaganda leftist media.

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It’s looking like it does.

They were talking about it on Timcast recently. Vertias sued the NY Times for defamation. Typically these kind of cases are dismissed but a New York judge decided there was enough merit to the case to let it proceed.

The FBI shortly after that raided O’Keefe and acquired his email correspondance to his lawyers along with the Biden diary. They then leaked it to the NY TImes who leaked the correspondance to the public. At that point it made it very difficult to proceed with a defamation suit because of the correspondence revealed. The claim is the Biden diary was just a cover and not the real reason for the raid.


Marxism is collapsing. You better fucking believe it.

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